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Girls_of_Hyrule.pngGirls of Hyrule229 viewsI actually did this as an ID on devianART, where my sn is Lock-of-Hyrule. Where as I USED to sighn my pics with "Mystic Dragon" or, if some remeber from WAY back when, as "Flaming Dragon", I have changed my sig to a simple "LoH" design. I am LinkFan here, but I do prefer my LoH screen name.

Taht's Red Shock Lock, and Mel (me) the Hylian Knight. Both are (c) to me.

This took about 5 hours in the Gimp, and the proportions are a bit off. I'm still practicing my CG work. Once I get some new hand drawn work uploaded, then things might look a little better ^^;
Red_Shock_Lock.pngRed Shock Lock152 viewsNow this is NOT from my latest fanfic. It is, instead, from a fanfic in progress.

Lock Rhonia is a bounty hunter who makes a living catching and/or killing her marks. She meets up with Mel (admitidly a self insert character) who is a Hylian knight, and together the meet with several other people, some of my own creation, some being OC created by Zelda Freaks from, all to stop a darkness created by Vaati and the Shadow Kin (they come back in this fic) all the while trying to find out what Ganondorf is up to as all these happenings go on (they can't keep track of TWO bad guys at once!)

A CG piece I did in the Gimp 2.2.10 About 10 hours of work.
sevenyears.jpgSeven years of lost time662 viewsRemember the manga, when Link is talking to Sheik, and he says he's not complaining about his destiny... but he claims "Everyone had those 7 years... but I didn't..."? Well... imagine how depressed and shocked he was at the beginning, when he finally woke up from the seal the Master Sword put on him. Having lost all that time and then having to save Hyrule almost by himself! That's what I'm trying to express with this picture. I hope you like it. It took a lot of effort and I think I finally got better at making the clouds and the sky. Just watching how Link's hair turned out to be (thanks, tablet-chan X3 ) makes me drool, and he's the best hero in the history of videogames!!! XD AHHH! Somebody stop me from fainting! *faints and drools some more*
11 commentsMalu CLBS
shockedandconfused.PNGShocked and Confused335 viewsBecause he is. Tis a random moment to happen in my fan-fic, 'cause something happens ;P The top of his hair is cut off 'cause that's when the paper ended that I doodled this on XP

Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!

Love the Shadow-ness ~<3
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TheJellyfishShocksLinkFromAbove.jpg167 viewsFrom
TheShockStarts.jpg157 viewsFrom
You_must_not_giggle_by_dan_heron.jpgYou must not giggle859 viewsTeneo (the little one) is a “vampire”, like Gomess from Majora Mask, and Venatrix (winged gal) is a Deva. Vi was hired to kill the Quetzals, and that didn't end well.
Vi got her butt kicked bad, and was spared only because the Quetzals learned that the Crosses knew about them thanks to Venatrix and her partner…. And some more assassins that didn’t have the same luck. Vi wandered for some time in Hyrule, thanking every goddess she knew that these guys didn’t toss her to jail, or worse, got her executed. It was during that time that Kougi recruited her to be part of the Tecolotls.
Despite being in opposite sides, Teneo and Vi started to date some times and the Huntress found that the little Sheika wasn’t that bad. In fact, he was quite good in bed. But she found something that terrified her about him…..
He could make her giggle!!!
Her shock was so much that she actually slapped herself when she first giggled. You can guess where the title comes from X3
dan heron
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