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064 - Tingle Siblings(Questionmark).png
064 - Tingle Siblings(Questionmark).png238 views1 commentsdavogones
fo-shi copy.jpg
fo-shi copy.jpgSiblings1843 viewsa lil pic of Ari and Link.
Link was reading a book and Ari had the duty to bother him while he was at it ^^
Yeh, Ari is bad
32 commentsdan heron
green1.jpgGreen158 viewsThis is a pic of Green from my fanfic Siblings. She is supposed to be sitting on a pile of crates near a Kakariko village home. Soon, I'll work on this on photoshop.4 commentsjade2824
link and aryll 2.PNG
link and aryll 2.PNGHappy Siblings683 viewsfirst time drawing Aryll. its all from wind waker but realistically. it sucks!15 commentsAllysa
link sketch copy.jpg
link sketch copy.jpgLink rough sketch1264 viewsThe lastest reincarnation of the original Hero, 10 millenia after Ocarina of Time.
He's a mestizo of Hylian, Gerudo, Sheika and Ayike. He has two siblings, Ari and Kado.
He uses two swords to fight and mixes many different spells.
He's also a balam, or soul devourer
14 commentsdan heron
sgreen2.jpgGreen with Farore's Courage184 viewsThis is a pic of Green with Farore's Courage, atype of magic she gets later on in Siblings. She is wearing a new outfit, but I'm still not sure on the rest, but I'm wotkin' on it. Her hands look a little wierd, yes, I know. It was a try.3 commentsjade2824
siblings.jpgThe Joy of Sibling... er, rivalry?166 viewsLOL THIS IS THE SUCKAGE!! Yay.
Twilight Princess Lina and Link. And Figgy. The end. More explanation on DeviantArt...

Lina (c) Lina-chan []
Figgy (c) Moi
Link (c) Miyamoto & Ninty
1 commentsFiggy
sisterhood.JPGGirls Only516 views Okay, if you've somehow been sneaking into my puter, you know that Mrien and Zelda are half-sisters. Same father, different mother. I have yet to figure out why.

This just goes to show of how strong a bond between siblings can get.
7 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
Zelda-himelian.jpgThe Princess of the Elves2163 viewsHi everyone!! Long time no see!!
As you can see, this picture has been completely re-done!! And I really like it how this new version looks like! I had this picture drawn for a loooong while and every time I could I color a bit of it, I hate doing pics like that, I always want to do all at once but I didn't have the time... and when I finally colored her, I had to think of something to draw as a background so that kept me thinking for a while... and then I though of flowers! Since she loves them in my fanfic, and a looong time passed until I colored it all! All because I was studyng like crazy, but now I have all the free time in the world! I add that grey in the backgroung so the pic would blend with the one at DA.
Ohh!!! I have to explain something about her!! Well, as the title says, she's the princess of the elven country, Laion's best friend, and Link's sister! Yep! They're siblings in my fic ^__^
I used as reference a lovely pic of Akane from Ranma 1/2 for that giggling pose! It's so sweet and cute
16 commentsMagalink
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