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16 sept copy.jpg
16 sept copy.jpg16 de Septiembre!1529 viewsXD September 16 is Mexico's Independence Day, I still can't understand why people in other countries make such big deal of May 5 (I can't understand how they can put that day above sept 16). But this day, we celebrate day and night, all around the country, and what you see Dizi, Aliku and Link wearing is pretty much of what you see during those parties XD
I don't know why people think we dress like mariachis or cowboys or that we live in desert or stuff like that, it's just silly XD Myself, I have never got anywhere near to a mariachi, they piss me off, I have never seen a cowboy, or a desert for that matterXD

Our Smexy Dizi, donning a Tricolor top and a matraca (her hair down because she looks smexier). Aliku (yes, she can change the color of her skin), is wearing a Naco's shirt X3 And Link wearing an old soccer shirt, Mexico's, of course X3 on the front the face of the Sun calendar. And in the bg, the eagle devouring the snake, our coat of arms
I hope you like it because I put a lot of heart on it
26 commentsdan heron
conte_de_NoŽl_(moy).pngMerry Christmas and Happy new year120 viewsWhat ?! Am I too late ?? Noooooooo, I think not Xd
I wish you a merry christmas , I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ^^
O my god ... I'm very silly sometimes ^^""
8 commentsangel of light
happy_birthday_eponagirl_final.jpgAncient Hero270 viewsJust a silly sketch i colored for a friend for her birthday :)1 commentsbrigette
LRA_s_Request.pngLink_Rules_All's Request- Vio170 viewsI'm sorry this took so long! =( Link_Rules_All wanted this request so I drew it for him. I threw me in there for no reason. I also hope theKafei and Vio are to your liking. Vio must've drank some spiked Lon Lon Milk! XD I hope you like it LRA!
Kafei (c) Nintendo
Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Malon_silly.jpgSketchy Malon!!!86 viewsWell, I was flipping through some old drawings of mine and found this little sketch of Malon! I know her clothes are not the same she wears in the game, but I was away from the official art and the drawing mood was upon me!;) Please comment...helpful critques are quite welcome!Tonks
Master_Sword.pngMaster Sword197 viewsI finally realize why it's named 'Master Sword' Fi named it Master Sword because the Sword belongs to her Master, Link. So instead of naming it something silly, like Link's sword she named it Master Sword as in saying 'this is my Master(s) Sword' I never knew that until I got the Master Sword and I finally got the True Master Sword. I finally finished up in Faron Woods, so its time to head back to Lanayru to get some Tumble weeds and to find the Dragon. Of course, this is similar to the Wind Waker's unpowered Master Sword. Anyway, I just used the same base from my Skyward Sword Master Sword, just changed the guards, the gem, and the top of the hilt, and Removed the Tri-force symbol that was on the blade.

Master Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
MedliDrawingColourYAY.jpgMedli Hovering125 viewsI realised that I havn't done any WW art (except for my Handcopy of Medli that i did aaaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ago) wich is silly, cause i'm a huge MedliXKomali fan, so rlly i should have done some pics of them....

ANyway moving on. I was in a bit of a state, 'cus I was bored of drawing Gerudo and I aske my aunt to pic a name from a list (it was a list of species in LoZ) originally she picked gerudo, then picked shiekah.... But i complained i couldn't draw them, so she picked Rito. And who's everyones faveourite Rito???? No, not Quill.... No not Komali either.... Medli.

So this is her all grown up!!! I was gonna draw Komali, but couldn't be bothered.

So here she is, hovering in the wind...

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
melora_blue_link.jpgBlue Link211 viewsAnother silly sketch, crayola colored pencilsMelora
melora_epona.jpgChildish Epona313 viewsEpona done in a silly style. Crayola pencil. I didn't finish because I was doodling it at the Laundromat and some creepy homeless guy started hitting on me- decided it was time to grab my crud and skidatt5 commentsMelora
melora_glance.jpgGlance258 viewsA silly sketch I just decided to color quickly in photoshop3 commentsMelora
melora_louisa22.png334 viewsA silly oekaki I did for a friends birthday :31 commentsMelora
monkey.PNGThe Insanity Within is... Overwhelming...66 viewsOh gee, who did Zenia kill now? This is pretty uch Zen under the sway of Asmodeus' curse, as you can see (or maybe you can't) her eye is the same icy blue as his. This can also happen when her dragon form takes over, causing her to kill and devour any living thing in sight.
Zenia, art (c) hauu13
I will do requests.
5 commentshauu13
Navi.jpgA Cute Little Fairy Named Navi84 viewsMade this for a relef from the silly comics on here.1 commentslinkiala
one_half.pngMajora's Mask Magic WIP92 viewsI'll just leave this here.

Haven't been here in a little while! Just thought I'd show this off a little before I finish, since I'm so silly.
2 commentsTeevo
PlushieSaphero_Me.pngLRA's~ Plushie Saphero Request175 viewsI'm sorry this took so long, but I've been busy with a lot of homework lately...Anyways I hope you like it LRA!!! I put me in this pic, cuz' I thought it looked to plain with just Saphero in the pic...So yeah...I hope you and everybody else like it!
P.S. LRA your other pic will be up ASAP.
Saphero (C) Link_Rules_All
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Queen of Thieves.jpg
Queen of Thieves.jpgQueen of the desert422 viewsWhat are you talking about, this is a picture of Lulu and Mikau silly!
Sorry about that guys, the desrciptions must have gotten messed up. Anyways, This is nabooru, she's one of my faves.
9 commentsSusie Q
screenshots_047.jpgZelda's revenge190 views"Oh come on Ganondorf, that flower looks pretty! ^-^"

Teehee... HyruleZelda's SSBM shots reminded me I had some screenies of my own. Mine won't get as orginizaed as,ever...
See the black edge on the right side of the screen? Yeah,that's where my TV ends.
It's still pretty funny,right? xD

(And I understand this account has a pickled past. Not the same person,peoples... my friend gave it to me. She stole ideas. That 'Desteny' charicter of 'hers'? MINE. Blech.)
1 commentsDarkZelda
twilight_princess_1_big_wp.jpgTwilight Princess widescreen wallpaper 1347 viewsThe IGN logo ruined the screenshot... otherwise it would be a perfect wallpaper.
So I cropped the IGN logo out and made a wallpaper! :P

This is widescreen... it is suited to my silly widescreen laptop.

With an easy crop it can be good for normal ratio PC screens too...
Wind__Breaker__or_Wind_Waker_Maggy-chan_s_way_picture_8D.jpgTLoZ: Wind Breaker48 viewsWhat is this? This is the title for something really silly: The Legend of Zelda Wind Breaker :3 What is this story about? Basically, its like a manga for Wind Waker... however, this pokes fun at the game. :D and Vaati's in it. Yeah, I don't care if he wasn't in Wind Waker. He's a Wind Mage, basically.
I've changed things around. I replaced that nasty old boat with a Keaton that can actually help Link other than crossing the ocean. Tetra, Aryll, and some other minor characters stay basically the same, but Link is hilariously stupid. No offense to people who like him, that's just how he is in the comics. Don't like it? Then don't read it.
5 commentsVaati_Lover
z3-link-battles-gannon.jpgLink Battles Ganon4280 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora. The Illustrator was possibly Katsuya Terada. Notes: I had to think about where I wanted to place this image. Since it was from the LttP guide, but was illustrating back story for the original Legend of Zelda, I decided on this section. -Thought it would be fun to call him Gannon, like the original game text- silly me. Anyway, I love this picture of Link fighting Ganon, the silver arrow drawn for the final blow.Melora
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