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4sOnline.jpg4 Swords Online BG452 viewsSo, during my lunch i doodled a bit, very bored-like, and came up with a few little 4s in capital Os. I've been thinking for sometime about reincarnating the Zelda Online idea as a Cube Legends gamemode, and the sketches seemed to jump out at me "4 Swords Online!!"

So i took the sketches, went over to a comp with a scanner, and dropped the images into photoshop. twenty minutes later, with a little help from a CD of Zelda Media (something i recommend all fanartists make), I had a half-decent background.

So ja, just a little something to ease my appalling lack of fanart. Simple, easy on me, and maybe a bt of fun for yall to think about. Who knows, maybe it'll be worth it for me to code a zelda gamemode into CL (which started out as a zelda game, btw)
9 commentsKoroks Rock
Anni 001.jpg
Anni 001.jpgChichimara Sketches...Again540 viewsEvil! There is no way in which to describe the ease at which he can transform. In the story (and the storyBOARD) he has taken many forms, including a fish, a dragon a rhino, and the chimera (shown here)Malon Aniku
Dartmandude.jpgDart Man Dude Guy Ninja545 viewsThis coloring/edit, has been brought to you by Sora. I thought this pic looked awesome, so i wanted to see it in color. I put a ton of effort into it (for once). I have been working on this project for quite some time now. I hope you enjoy it. If anybody has any black and white (pencil) drawings/sketches, that you'd like me to edit, just email them to me. THANKYOU!!! CHEESE5 commentsdude_thats_evil
Explorar.jpgDesert Dancer Malon892 viewsYou know? I think I may start uploading my sketches here in the scraps, I tend to doodle a lot during classes XD That's bad, boys and girl, you shouldn't do it! The Dan is a registered professional, so he has license to do things he isn't supposed to do during classes, always remember that.

And well, just like the title says, Desert Dancer, Malon. Yes, Malon! Our sweet ranch girl is part Gerudo, and like any of her desert sisters, well, she's a warrior at heart. She doesn't uses the typical twin scimitars of the Gerudos, she prefers claws, like Link's. Her lovely and sensual dance hides deadly movement that she uses to finish her enemies in a blink.
Here we can see her with her Gerudo outfit, I'm not very sure of what to change to it, but I'm sure I'm gonna change something.

As you can see, Mal is very different from Ari. The red has bigger breast, round hips, longer hair, and is very feminine, everything Ari wants in a girl X)
16 commentsdan heron
Explorar0001.jpgNew designs1608 viewsOk, this is a bunch of new sketches for my old characters. Here they are older, a lot older. Around 16-17?
They are Ari, Hikagi, Carid and Luz and a bunch of simbols for their races.
What do you think so far?
9 commentsdan heron
finally[2].jpg"Finally"166 viewsFrom the end of my trliogy currently in work. This shows the reunion of my original charater Zin and Princess Laurina. Read the first part in the fan fiction section "Calling of the Master Sword" This pictures is one of the best sketches I've ever done, and i plan to get more of my art on the PC once I'm able to use my friend's scanner again.1 commentsmidnightkey267
hero link.JPG
hero link.JPGMinish cap doodles496 viewsI made this sketches in Paint about Minish Cap.1 commentsLudovic
Link resting.jpg
Link resting.jpgLink resting138 viewsHere is one of GL's older but still cool sketches of link by a tree,she said she had a strange likeness for this pic,.so I sported a colored one.

Link raises as the warmth of the sun touches his skin, navi flying by erges link to be on his way,another day in hyrule
4 commentsFyrborn
Link sketch 2005-06-small size 2.jpg
Link sketch 2005-06-small size 2.jpgLink sketch179 viewsspent the last couple of weeks down in Mexico, only managed a couple pencil sketches (its tough to do in the car..:))7 commentsGirlink
link_bocetos_peke.jpgLink Sketches121 viewsFor practising Link, I didn't draw it for a loooooong time ^^U5 commentsZilkenian
Link_Study.gifLink Character Study82 viewsJust testing out possible design styles for Link, considering he's had plenty. I like the idea of an ultra-aggressive Link character. It sure suits how I play the games (attack anything that moves).Psytronic
melora_lttp1.jpgPractice Sketches433 viewsThese are practice sketches of the art from the Link to the Past guide- Pencil1 commentsMelora
melora_lttp2.jpgPractice Sketches233 viewsThese are practice sketches of the art from the Link to the Past guide- pencil1 commentsMelora
melora_oracle1.jpgPractice Sketches446 viewsJust some practices sketches of the characters from the official art for the Oracle series- pencil3 commentsMelora
melora_oracle2.jpgPractice Sketches286 viewsJust some practice sketches of the official Oracle series art done in pencilMelora
Midna_Sketch.pngMidna Sketch261 views A sketch of Midna...It didn't take 2 long to do. Oh yeah! This pose is from on of the official arts of Midna!5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Midna_Sketches_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngMidna Sketches521 views OMG! It's been awhile since I've posted anything, I've been so busy with homework lately. T-T Various quick sketches of Midna with my original hairstyle for her. These sketches are a mixture of chibis and regular Midnas. I hope you all like these!
Midna (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
P.S. If anyone wants a request I will try to draw them ASAP.
18 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Vio_Sketches.pngVio Sketches288 views Random sketches of Vio...I like the chibi one in the bottom left corner the best. Enjoy!
Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
WWOoTZeldafinal.JPGYoung Zelda, Windwaker Style306 viewsFor a "simple" art style, it sure is hard to draw in. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Sketched on paper, then photoshop. If anyone can find a better texture let me know please. I have many more sketches like this but it takes so long to photoshop them I don't know how many more i'll do before I get tired of them, lol. Comments/Critiques welcome!1 commentsThat Guy
Young_Link_and_Young_Zelda_defined.jpgYoung Link and Young Zelda646 viewsSelf-explanitory sketches.10 commentsSora
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