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comic-miniskirts_text.JPGComic- wearing WHAT?!310 viewsHehe, just a weird little comic I thought up. I'm just trying to get my comics to look a little more dynamic; screwin' with the layout a little, stuff like that.

a/n: You won't get the joke unless you know a little about Final Fantasy X and X-2.
4 commentsaquawolf
link.JPGWho were you expecting? Legolas?318 viewsIts Link, in horrible .jpg compression! I shoulda saved it as a .gif, but I didn't. Marvel at my awful CGing skeelz! Pose stolen from SSBM. Thank you Snapshot Mode. Many things wrong, though. His legs are funny and the skirty part of his tunic, and much mooore.5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
linkman.jpgNOBODY--finished!488 viewsSame pic, just inked with the lufforly sharpie and colored with GIMP. Yep.7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
manskirt.JPGNOBODY!--Sketch278 viewsBuilding off my last upload. Link is angry at me calling his tunic a manskirt. He's angry with the rest of you, too.
I like this sketch a lot :3 Link's expression and pose turned out perfect, but the scanner picked up all these nonexistent smudges everywhere. I'm gonna ink it and color it probably. No, he's not giving you the finger! He's holding up his index finger, like he's making a point or something.

Ph33r my slutty bad handwriting :D
4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
MidnaMakeover.jpgMidna's Makeover32 viewsThis pic is of Midna. I put her in imp form, but gave her the skirt she wears in her true form. I also gave her a different hairstyle.myzeldamyrules
rinku.jpgUm...675 viewseeh. Another spawn of me trying to come up with my own style. I like it :D The style's easy to draw with cause you can throw anatomy out the window and make stuff look cute.

I drew this thinking Link would be comfortable in skirts because of his tunic thing...
16 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Saruriuniformresize.pngSaruri431 viewscopy/paste from DA:

New deviation for 2006. o:

If Hyrules schools had a school uniform, they would look like this. Well, maybe the middle to high schoolers would look like this. :O


She's either trying to keep her skirt down or holding something. I don't know.
1 commentsMariaGemini
That_time_of_the_month_by_dan_heron.jpgThat time of the month667 viewsKado and Mic again X3 arenít they just cute? They are cute even if they are in heat ^^ You know Kado is quite a gentleman. Hyper and very random, but a gentleman.
Kado is a wolfo, brother of Link and Ari, and Mic is a Canis. The only differences between the two are Kadoís obvious extra muscle, and Micís sensitivity to nature and the planet.
I decided to give Kado a hoodie, cuz I thought heíd look good with one X3 He has the drawings of the Ayike and the Triforce on his back, and the Crying Eye and Crescent Moon on the front. Mic has pretty much the same design than before, plus some designs in her skirt.
And if you look carefully, you can see Mictlan is actually taller than Kado. I thought thatíd make a cute detail ^^ That line running over her eye isnít some clichťd scar, itís just a tattoo; the Harincos have the same tradition than the Sheikas of tattooing their faces once their reach their puberty.
Btw: If you wonder where Mictlanís hands areÖ. Well, Iím not gonna tell ya! Ha!
5 commentsdan heron
zelda.JPGYoung Zelda361 viewsWhen you talk to those stone things in front of Hyrule castle they tell you that Zelda is really a little tomboy, so I thought it'd be fun to draw her that way. She's practicing swordfighting behind her father's back, tehee.
Her clothes were supposed to be a sort of feminine form of Link's tunic, which is already girly enough (*cough*manskirt*cough*) Sharpie drawing colored in GIMP. I need to stop drinking coffee and drawing straight afterwards *much jittery*
11 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Zelda_Drawing.pngPrincess Zelda223 views This was drawn as a request made by Link Rules All, I hope you like it. Her pattern on the skirt thingy was really hard to do. Enjoy!4 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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