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1995670.jpgJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 191 viewsThis is the newer verison and the better one, I had to use ref on the sleeping princess to Magalink's Sleeping Zelda, and the comic style as in the "Windows" I used ref to Serenitythefreakinfairy on DA. In the second panel that "ball" is suppose to be the spell the young wizard is enchanting. His hand is what I think what would look like if I was looking at him in person and if he was holding the book... Some of my writing got cut off so I had to type it out. Stupid Scanner. >>

"Stories are told of Princess's being held prisoner in their own castles; some were put to sleep by a witch or wizard and needed a Prince to break the spell. This one isn't a story, for this. Is real!"

Also it will read right to left just like tha Jap manga. I do hope everything will look better once I get past all of the Narator talking so the Characters will be able to speak. And I might draw a picture of Akako's mother who's never mentioned in the Fan fic =)

OC's, Storyline, style by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
14 commentsAmy122
christmas2004.jpgSanta Link168 viewsHe knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you've stolen the triforce!6 commentsgoldenforce82
Darkness_by__Princess_of_Twilight.pngDarkness374 views It's the evil people! Ganondorf (my stlye-since I couldn't draw th TP ones hair right on this angle ><), Dark Zelda who looks too cute to be evil, and the Dark Link from my fic, (which means he's one of the Link's who went evil, it's a secret!) Anyways I tried to use my Prismas again, I'm pretty satisfied, hop you like it everyone! n.n

Ganondorf, Dark Link, and Dark Zelda (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
And Kifan I'm sorry it took so long to respond, I made my request under your Sleeping Zelda picture.^^
14 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Dormida.jpgSleeping Beauty2639 viewsThis would be Zelda, from the 2nd game.41 commentsMagalink
enchanted.jpgEnchanted Princess725 viewsThis is from Adventure of Link.
It's the beginning ^_^ ...yes, I got nostalgic this time.
7 commentsMalu CLBS
ForestTempledoor.jpgForest Temple Door127 viewsMy version of the entrance to the Forest Temple. Note the sleeping wolf.3 commentsMusica
Link dreaming.JPG
Link dreaming.JPGLink dreaming316 viewsAn image of Link sleeping on the Red King Lion 14 commentsAndross
link sleeping.jpg
link sleeping.jpgnap time430 viewsi was sleepy when i drew it so i drew him as comfortably looking as i could9 commentsfaerie
Links kiss.gif
Links kiss.gifLink's kiss222 viewsalways wounderd in loz2 if link ever showed efection for zelda when she lay sleeping, yeah so he snuck a kiss..he was emberresed, he did no wrong..more pics on the way14 commentsFyrborn
LinkVSDlink.gifLink VS Dark Link247 viewsafter a small small talent animation..finally gave birth to..this...its kind of cheesy but my gifanimator is cheesy...not to mention my way with sprites..I think it came out took me like 5 or six hours to do..time I should have been sleeping...hope you guys like^-^.....will link servive..15 commentsFyrborn
malonsketch01.jpgmalon's sketch235 viewsJust another sketch... I was thinking about coloring it... just maybe, or maybe draw and color something else... ah... so tired... I've been sleeping about a hundred years, soon I hope to start drawing again---
hope you don't dislike it.

Any comment is most welcome, it's allways nice and useful to know what other people think...
and fot everyone, keep drawing!
1 commentsAltaire
melora_sleeping.jpgSleeping350 viewsA very quick sketch of Link sleeping.4 commentsMelora
Minish6.jpgSleeping Minish202 viewsshh... don't wake him up 8 commentsDust_Bunny
mstchLink0001.jpgMoustache Link374 viewsWell, since most of us already think Navi is a pest, I figured we couldn't put it past her to do something like this to our poor sleeping hero...That little ---@! haha (quick pencil sketch, photoshop)9 commentsGirlink
sleepingbook.jpgSleeping Zelda77 views Zelda sleeping with a book on her head. I made this awhile ago...but my personal life is veeery busy. So....yeah. I hope people come baaack! (\_/)
( '-' )
( uu ) Attempting a bunny....
8 commentsKifan12
SleepingGuy.gif133 viewsIron Knuckle
SleepingGuyShadow.gif167 viewsIron Knuckle
sleeping_link.jpgSleeping Link443 viewsI wanted to draw a picture of Link alseep, and I think it turned out quite well. ^^16 commentscerasly
sleepyhug.PNGSleepy Hug402 views Nyaaaaw!! Another early morning sleeping with Shadow and he's clinged onto Vio again. Vio seems more shy than before ^o^

Vio and Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
Talon_Sleeping.gif136 views
toocloseforcomfort.PNGToo close for comfort427 viewsAaaw, Shadow's hugging Vio in his sleep ^-^ There sleeping in one of those beds that are on the floor, like those japanese ones. This time Vios' a little shy X3

Vio and Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
4 commentsKeitii
watchyouwhileyousleep.PNGWatch you while you sleep407 views Another Blue x Red pic! ^..^ Yeah, that's Red sleeping there. Just a cute yaoi moment 'cause they rock.

Blue and Red (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
3 commentsKeitii
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