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2.jpgHappiness in sadness337 viewsUh-Oh, Lorica's sad...but she has a smile on her face? Something super hormonal must be happening here. And, being the good husband he is, Symphann comforts her..

On a completely unrelated note--CK's gota bit of artist block, and one of the best ways (next to colorful fanart) to cure it is a new character. But, thanks to my artists block I'm feeling a little indecisive, and I need to know whether I should make this new character a girl or boy, and so I figured I'd have you guys vote :D
7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
ganonsmileps.jpgGanon Smile283 viewsGanon Smile is photoshoped! I think I could have done a little better on the hair, but it was a good attempt. I wanted to do a firey background, but my internet isn't working, so I can't look up the tutorial. Not as good as my Sheik vs. Bongo, but I still like it.
5 commentsHeroftime
Keep on Smiling.jpg
Keep on Smiling.jpgKeep on Smiling342 viewsItīs a handcopy from the official art. I know, itīs not really perfect, but I love this smile :D4 commentsRooro
kk.jpgKiichi and Kouji's water fight218 viewsWhen I was a kid, my brother and I used to love to play with the hose on hot days. Its January, and its not hot. So I drew a cute, summery picture. Kiichi (silver hair) and Kouji (red hair) have just got done playing with eachother. And that frog. Kouji's a little shy, and looks like he was caught off-guard. Kiichi just smiles happily with his arm around his brother's shoulder...

I don't really like how the coloring came out, it looks better if you don't see the full-size image.
5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
leftintears.PNGLeft in tears231 viewsJust a random Paint doodle I did. Cinderella by was playing, and I was thinking of the first scene in Kishaz-of-Hyrule's Five roses of Hyrule ch. 11 (

Here, Red got himself all dressed up for whatever this special occasion is, but he's been let down; maybe Blue decided not the show himself.

I added wind to it to show the tears were falling with the wind.

Red (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
majora copy.jpg
majora copy.jpgMajora, a bit of madness1241 viewsMajora is a little girl of pale and fair skin, beautiful blue eyes and a pristine hair that matches the color of snow. Everything about her says innocence, goodness and purity... that of course until she put her mask on!!
This Majora is a little girl whom was born in the tribe of Luna, whom worshiped the goddess of Nightmares. Raised to be a perfect assasin since she could stand on her two feet Majora wanted a normal life more than any other thing. That wish was fulfilled when Link came to her tribe with the corpse of the goddess of Nightmares.

Chaos, destruction and madness are her tools of trade! Once she wears the mask she can be anything she wants to be, I mean, with the power of a deity there's little you can't do. Without the mask she's simply a 6 year old with big eyes and a childish smile ^^

Btw, this Majora is with the "good" guys, meaning Link and the rest of the group. She sees in Maple to a big sister and she loves her with all her heart even if sometimes they can't stand at the other.
20 commentsdan heron
smile.PNGRed Link...73 viewsI put the makeup on his face and the tassle/string thing at his collar as a sort of "hint" (barely) as to what I'll draw him as for halloween. I think the makeup is a nice touch for him, it makes him look good... I don't think I'll post what he's gonna be here; though, I don't know... If you want to know what he'll be just say so, and I'll tell you.
Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
11 commentshauu13
smileylink2.jpgSmiley Link (PZ645 my version)314 viewsSketch (original) done by PrincessZelda645 and she let me color it. I also turned the frown into a smile. *sigh* but stupid JPEG compression, if you look carefully you can see little squares. At least the file size is small. Coloring done with Fireworks. I tried to keep it kinda sketchy-feeling. It doesn't look sketchy anymore, but, it doesn't look Did I mess up the eyes? I think I did, but that's me.8 commentsdudeofrandomness
tael.jpgTael smile202 views1 commentsLinkgirl
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