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05-al-spinattack.jpg3 Steps to a Spin Attack2003 viewsSources: Scanned and Edited by Melora. I believe I found it in the Booklet (US)Melora
099 - Spiny Beetle.png
099 - Spiny Beetle.png126 viewsdavogones
123 - Spiny Chuchu.png
123 - Spiny Chuchu.png163 viewsdavogones
30~0.jpgEuro Box Art..?844 viewsThis should be the box-art for the upcoming Zelda spin-off game.Iron Knuckle
48_Spin_Ring.gif162 views
alone.PNGShadow's Sorrow61 viewsNo reason for making this pic, just felt like it. Basicaly, it's Shadow's feelings towards Vio betraying him. Yeah. That's it.
Shadow (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do requests. And my fic was updated, woopdeedoo.
6 commentshauu13
Amped_up_pt._2.JPGAmped up pt. 2 (remodeled)110 viewsThis is a better version of my previous file.

I based Volvagia's head off Spinosaurus, a predatory dinosaur around the same size as T-rex.

Now you can see Bongo's snake tail's nose and the end of its forked tongue.
Niko the ninja
AnEvenLargerRedSpin.jpg171 viewsFrom
BlueSpin.jpg120 viewsFrom
BlueSpin2.jpg121 viewsFrom
Dancing girl.png
Dancing girl.pngHyrule Mountians556 viewsThis is my character I made up. Isnt she cute? ^-^ I dont have a name for her yet but she lives in a little villiage in the mountians. I drew the background how imagined sping in the hyrule mountians would be like. TOOK ME FOREVER! this is definately the longest ive spent on a picture. the background im most proud of. Hope you like it!16 commentseponagirl
EvenLargerRedSpin.jpg121 viewsFrom
godzen.jpgGoddess of Light and Victory, Zenia48 viewsThis is what she looks like in god-form. She's part dragon, her hair is more like spines or spikes, and she has horns instead of ears. And her hair is more of a silver color in this form.
Zenia, art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
ign-spinattack.jpg194 views
Island of the ancients theme.jpg
Island of the ancients theme.jpg'Island of the ancients' logo121 viewsAs you can see, this is Scarface. The same T-rex you saw battle that Dodongo.

THIS is what happened to a spinosaurus that messed with him. Arm ripped off, Sail snapped off, and jaw (including tongue) snapped right in two.

Kinda makes you think twice about JP3, huh?

Ol' Scarface is the king of this island.
Niko the ninja
LargeRedSpin.jpg118 viewsFrom
link dance234.swf
link dance234.swflink dance.. now in 3d.842 viewsdamit all to hell i couldnt get music in. there was gonna be music to match it, but when i used windows movie maker, it screwed it up and it got all choppy and stuff. then i spent like half an hour trying to find some video editing program, but couldnt. ah well. as always made in anim8or and converted to flash later

also i was gonna make him have actual breakdance moves and stuff, but it was too hard to do and the figure kept spinning in the wrong direction and stuff so... phht.
7 commentsbathroomhacker
linkfight.gif2728 viewsYoung Link attacking two killer plants with a red spin attack.4 comments
LINKK.JPGlink129 viewslink about to do his spin with his sword. on of his best moves i think =]ladykatey
LinkKeepsSpinning.jpg170 viewsFrom
Linkop.jpgAfter the Battle653 viewsNow i just thought that it was a little strange that Link was completely fine after all of his battles (in most cases) so i wanted to show the aftermath that we never see, as you can see he is clasping his heart so you can guess that there is a wound there. I think he is cute in this picture and i tried hard with it and im so thankful for my prismacolor pencils and my inking pen as you may have noticed, i mention them in all my new pics lol 13 commentsRachel
LinkPreparesToSpin.jpg133 viewsFrom
linkspinattack.jpg1238 viewsLink doing a Spin Attack.Ricky
LinkSpinAttackDemoMoving.gif736 viewsIron Knuckle
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