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cloud-link.jpgcloud-link403 viewshz/bth made this sketch and his photoshop crashed or something so I took the liberty of coloring it (That's ok, right?) I took quite awhile to color it, then at the last second applied a crazy effect to it, and it turned into this, which I thought was cool. It looks like an etching in stone that was stained the proper colors or something. He's supposed to be in the zora-tunic but the last-second edit makes it VERY dark. And the eye turned out kinda strange...not the perfectest job but I thought we needed something different than my usual stuff.13 commentsdudeofrandomness
glasscolorized2.gifcolorized stained glass animation713 viewsI like this one better than the other stained glass one, I got it to work better. Thumbnail dumbness (again). That seems to happen with all my animated masterpieces (lol...masterpieces...)13 commentsdudeofrandomness
Glass_Window1.JPGZelda Window II176 viewsI spent more than 4 months working on this Zelda window. It is exactly 1', 4 3/4" inches in diameter, and the design was taken from the back of the Zelda: WW manual. It has been featured in both EGM and GamePro.1 commentsChibi Forte
Glass_Window2.JPGStained Glass Zelda Window250 viewsI spent more than 4 months working on this Zelda window. It is exactly 1', 4 3/4" inches in diameter, and the design was taken from the back of the Zelda: WW manual. It has been featured in both EGM and GamePro.3 commentsChibi Forte
IM_A0031.JPGStained glass Link79 viewsYeah, so I tried to draw the entire window, but it didn't work out. So, here's the resultzeldaiskoollink
Master_Sword-001.pngMaster Sword52 viewsJust a not so quick 4 min render of just the sword a lil bit of wall and a stained glass window.1 commentsParaclete
Picori stained glass colour.jpg
Picori stained glass colour.jpgPicori Stained Glass290 viewseverithing on this is symbolic ... and made up by me ^^U guess that explains the poor creativity - -u
o well ^^U ther's an animal, a plant and a festival mevery season.

spring the season of flowers, the animal of the season is the butterfly, this is the season of the planitng festival(it explains the seed on the minish's hands)

summer the season of clover, the animal of the season is the bee, becouse it works hard and it's a fierce warrior, the kinstone festival
is celebrated on this season

fall the season of mushrooms, the animal of the season is the dragonfly, the golden leaf festival is celebrated on that season

winter the season of weeds, the animal of the season is the moth becouse it is the only one that can survive the cold, the music festival is celebrated that season
9 commentsDust_Bunny
StainedGlass.png817 views2 commentslord-of-shadow
stainedglass1.jpg3092 viewsStained glass, Link playing Wind Waker with Makar.
stainedglass2.jpg3534 viewsStained glass, Link fighting Helmaroc King.1 comments
StainedGlass2.png938 viewslord-of-shadow
stainedglass3.jpg2319 viewsStained glass, Link swinging on hanging lamp.
StainedGlass3.png1006 viewslord-of-shadow
stainedglass4.jpg2897 viewsStained glass, Link shooting arrow.
StainedGlass4.png1074 views2 commentslord-of-shadow
stainedglass5(1).jpg2338 viewsStained glass, front view of Link.
stainedglass5(2).jpg1875 viewsLarger version.
StainedGlass5.png799 viewslord-of-shadow
stainedglass6.jpg2903 viewsStained glass, Link in forest.
stainedglass7.jpg2078 viewsRicky
stainedglass8.jpg2947 views4 commentsRicky
WWrauru.JPGWindwaker Rauru247 viewsI've always liked the WW style. Inspired by the stained glass in the basement of the castle in the Windwaker.That Guy
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