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link4.jpgAmy's master sword235 views!!! NOTE !!! this is in no way mine! this was all drawn by ami, and all i did was fix the proprotions. Ami, if u want u can save this to your comp, then upload it into your own gallery, unless you'd rather just keep it here...5 commentsdude_thats_evil
LoZ1--The_Three_Swords.jpgLoZ1 The Three Swords33 viewsThe three swords of Zelda 1, from the starting sword, to the White Sword, to the Magical Sword.

My reference was the manual art, and no I didn't trace.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
Mala.jpgMala99 viewsI drew this starting to think of Malon from Ocarina of Time and then it morphed into this end result.Luneste
Minaya.JPGMinaya142 viewsI'm starting a LoZ fanfic and this characters name is an inside joke so if you say it you'll understand.

Anyways, many people mistake Minaya for a Gerudo by the way she looks at times. But I don't know yet how Link meets her, so I'm open for any ideas XD
1 commentsSage of Ice
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword-001.pngForest Sword49 viewsSlight edit on my original, just reloaded my drawing program and as it is I lost all my mats so I'm starting from scratch again. As soon as I get things settled all actually update the entire scene.
Credit for the sword idea goes to Niko the Ninja.
1 commentsParaclete
oot_sum.swfSumation of OoT717 viewsOnce again, this is a hyperspeed rendition of what happens thoughout OoT. I listed (most of) the items in the upper left corner as you get them, with a number of exceptions, mostly due to my inner lazyness. I also posted where/what's going on in the lower left corner, which helps clear stuff up a bit, and the trading game in the upper right.

I decided to use FireGS's Tal Tal Mtn song (from because it's a good song for this. Also, it's already an MP3, which means i don't have to rerecord it myself :)

Finally, i decided not to cut>animate the adult bosses because it took so much effort to animate the young link bosses and i wanted to stay under 1 megabyte.

This will be my last production until perhaps September: I'm going to staff at a backpacking camp for the rest of July, and then August is going to be pure h*ll for me, what with school starting again and having to catch up on other projects. I'll be back and commenting about August the 2nd, but not posting new stuff.
6 commentsKoroks Rock
Tetra_Start.pngTetra - Oekaki219 viewsJust a picture of Tetra from the Wind Waker a few years older. Sort of a scene from my fic. She keeps ending up in a particular Garden and it's starting to make her a little bit angry.5 commentsachitka
zelda.swfLink and Navi485 viewsThis is one of mi first flashes. I know that is too bad, but I'm starting te make flash, and I don't know some things about it ^^U2 commentsLinkgirl
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