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g-harp.jpgSurf Harp424 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora.Melora
Kibustaffcomplete!.jpgKibou staff172 viewsThis is the Kibou staff, a weapon that Link weilds in Achitkas (very good!) fanfic, "Nagori, Saimon, and Senkyoku". I decided to model it as a challenge. If you look closely, you can see the Ether, Bombos, and Quake medallion-symbols on it's surface. 5 commentsPng_pyro
linkage.jpgMessing with Fierce Deity in PaintShopPro96 viewsRefer to the title...

I used to come around here a lot something like three years ago as IronKnuckle - perhaps this is a resurfacing.
1 commentsTeamGastly
Redone3.jpgShield Surf: Twilight Princess244 viewsWow! I haven't been here forever! I stumbled on this site again. I thought I should submit something, but I don't have any really new Zelda stuff.. Well, I touched up this oldish picture, and I thought I would submit it. :)

2 commentseponagirl
ShieldBoard2.jpgShield Surfing372 viewsMight as well upload a few things ;P

2 commentseponagirl
Surf_Harp_moving.gif274 views
Zora Weapons.jpg
Zora Weapons.jpgZoran Weapons400 viewsI know these arent much to look at, but they were still fun to design and imagine how they would be used. Mostly they are made of polished fish bone and sheet steel, and are very light, but highly durable. They are for underwater and land use alike.

Spear- The most widely used among the Zora, the spear is useful inside and outside the water. The quick jap from a weapon with such little surface area would be a deadly attack in the water.

Knife- Great for close courters combat, a knife would be equally useful inside and outside of the water. With quick, deadly slices, a knife would be worn by any zora warrior.

Sword- Many for land battles, its thin blade cant take to much abuse, but it would be handled like a samurai katana with quick, powerful slices and fast foot and waist work.

Bow and Arrow- For land and water battle this specially designed weapon is made with a tightened string, with so much resistance that it could be used like a average bow in the water, shooting into it or out of it and even through it. Its land battle advantage is that it could fire arrows at such a distance that zoran archers are some of the most feared adversaries in Hyrule.

Dart Gun- Used only for land based attacks, a dart gun is for more stealthy attacks, and its poision tiped fish bone darts can take down a being in less then a second.

Shield- Equally useful in land and water battles, the shield offers some of the only resistance a zora has. Zoras rely more on skilll then defense, so a shield would be used by gaurds, mostly along side spears rather then the two handed sword. Its in the form of a sea shell, just to give it that ocean type feel.
7 commentsBraxis
zora.jpgZora334 viewsHere is my redesign of the male Zora. As you can see, not much has changed. The major changes would be to the hands, which have become more fish or bird like, but have two opposible thumbs on each side. His fins remain relatively the same except the two arm fins. The arms fins, when in the water, are strecthd out, allowing the zora to glide through the water at great speeds with little movement. When out of the water, the fins contract and slide up the arm, sticking upwards from the elbow. I placed the gills at the rib-cage, so the zora can still breath even with partially surfaced. His outfit is only a few garments, a shrawl around the waist, and some arm and shin bands. Also instead of having normal eyes I gave him shark like eyes, for better sight underwater. One will assume they have dolphin like sonar, but you cant draw that, so its implied.4 commentsBraxis
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