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fish1.jpgye olde FishTank instruction manual, tablet 1395 viewsJa. based on Link's Awakening offical art, idea derived from conversation in the Legends Alliance forums. tried to make it so that the edits are easily visible, but don't stick out badly.

<.< what? i'm not strange at all <.<
6 commentsKoroks Rock
g-stone-tablet.jpgStone Tablet410 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: A Tablet that you must use the Book of Mudora to translateMelora
gerudolink_gimp_b-g.jpgGerudo Link -colored-271 viewsI'm still asking myself how I managed to produce something like this. Thing is, i had seen an example of how to color skin with the computer somewhere on dA (divine-star's gallery I think it was) and since I had recently downloaded Gimp (thankyou KR), I decided to try it on dear Link's face. And I fell in love with how it looked. So of course I had to color the whole pic that way. ^^"

I got bored about halfway through and just smudge-tooled the tunic into submission. XD

I will not tell you how many hours it took me. I don't have a graphics tablet, so I did it all with my mouse... my hand is dead now.

The only part I'm really not satisfied with is the shadow at Link's feet. Meh.
2 commentsaquawolf
Link.pngLink Profile94 viewsDone on my wacom tabletsorwrith
linkiepoo_aliassktchbk.pngAlias SketchBook doodle!122 viewsJust and random, quick doodle in Alias sketchbook. Well, the demo, anyways. I kinda like that program, it actually realized that the Tablet PC I use is a tablet. Unlike a certain OTHER art program... *CoughPhotoshopCough*
As for the caterpillar, I drew it before I added Link. You know it's awesome.
Had to crop this in photoshop, 'cause the demo didn't have a crop/canvas resizing tool. Nor does it have layers... :(
2 commentsthepbjninja
Linky2.JPGA Disturbing Developement100 viewsWhat's that you say - that's not Link? Well in my fan ficcy world - yes it is. It really is best no to dwell on such things...

Surprisingly this is not an oekaki - I recently got a tablet - why? 'Cause my credit limit said I other reason than that. I know it's sketchy but I've never used one of these before - so there bound to be a HUGE learning curve (HUGE)

Link is the propehteh to those fine maker o' teh Wii - of in Japanese - Nintendo
Li_l_Link_Outline.pngYoung Link204 viewsI just wanted to do a picture of li'l link. man its hard to do lineart with a mouse! i need a tablet way bad! well i'll color this eventually but this is my first lineart on the computer so i had to post it! ^_^2 commentseponagirl
myveryfirstvaatipiccycolouredonphotoshop.pngMore Vaati :D186 viewsI finally got Photoshop. And a tablet. This is the first piccy I colored on Photoshop. Yay!4 commentsvaati_girl
Nayru_line_art_by_Guardian_of_Heroes.jpgNayru Line art84 viewsThis is the line art for my first digital art piece!
Drawn with a Wacom Tablet

If any of you want to see my other art works copy and paste this address into your browser. It will take you to my DeviantART page:
3 commentsGuardian of Heroes
Sariaprofilever2,_cleaned_upcolour_copy.jpgSaria's Profile Coloured116 viewsOkay, I know the transition from Saria to the background is iffy i did my best and failed.
Right I coloured most of this at 11:30 last night (2/2/08, gee, in a few years time ppl will look at this and think blimey, that was AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS ago) and i was very pleased with it (well, i suppose you could be pleased with anything at that time of night). In the morning i was *gasp* still pleased with it? yes, anyway finished the colouring like, 5 minutes ago...

Anyway, got to do Geography homework now *yawn*... enjoy

PS. Looks better full view

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured with Mouse (still waiting for a wacom tablet)
Coloured In Photoshop Elements
6 commentsFaerieEpona
sekiban.pngTablet902 viewsAn image from somewhere in TWW. This isn't from the opening. Not sure where it is in the game, or if it didn't make it in. Submitted by Lesoria.2 commentsRicky
sevenyears.jpgSeven years of lost time662 viewsRemember the manga, when Link is talking to Sheik, and he says he's not complaining about his destiny... but he claims "Everyone had those 7 years... but I didn't..."? Well... imagine how depressed and shocked he was at the beginning, when he finally woke up from the seal the Master Sword put on him. Having lost all that time and then having to save Hyrule almost by himself! That's what I'm trying to express with this picture. I hope you like it. It took a lot of effort and I think I finally got better at making the clouds and the sky. Just watching how Link's hair turned out to be (thanks, tablet-chan X3 ) makes me drool, and he's the best hero in the history of videogames!!! XD AHHH! Somebody stop me from fainting! *faints and drools some more*
11 commentsMalu CLBS
tablet_ritad_link.JPGtablet drawn link112 viewsi made a series of pics of link, that looks pretty much the same but its drawn in difrent ways and angles, this one is made with tabletnaioni
taurus_1680x1052.jpgZodiac - Taurus818 viewsI think I might try a zodiac series for my Sisters of the Heart fanlisting: We'll see how far I get! This is number one, Taurus with Princess Zelda. -Even though the colors and image is kind of based on another myth. It was going to be just a tiny quick drawing, but I don't know when to stop myself, so I ended up doing way more than I originally wanted. I know there are problems, comes from the fact that I WAS only going to do something simple- by the time I realized I was really going to work on it, it would have taken so much work to fix the really obvious ones. There's also the chance that I just got lazy one some things- or something. Done in photoshop with a tablet, it's wide screen wallpaper size, I'll eventually have multiple sizes up on SotH for downloading.9 commentsMelora
TingleFull.pngTingle155 viewsI drew this picture of Tingle with my tablet. Tell me what you think <(' '<)6 commentsursername180
Welcome-To-Twilight.pngWelcome to Twilight604 viewsThe title doesn't make a whole lot of sense, considering it's day-time in the drawing- but it's late, I'm sleepy, and that means I just thought it sounded good enough. It is, after all, SLIGHTLY Twilight Princess inspired... I'm not on model at all though *lol* I didn't use any reference and it shows- but hey, I just wanted the *feel* of... whatever it feels like. Lets see, what else.... Oh, it was done on an Oekaki -one of those PaintChat-Like programs, I used a tablet, and it took 138 minutes. I was learning to use the program, it's different than Oekaki's I had worked on in the past, so I had to fiddle around a bit more.4 commentsMelora
winteroekaki.PNGWinter Snow106 viewsHah. Amazing title.
Ocarina Link, of course. Just in a cloak and alternate outfit. >D

An oekaki done in ShiPainter on Oekaki Art.
Drawn with a mouse... I don't have a tablet, nor have I ever used one in my life.
So it pretty much fails.
3 commentsFiggy
ww.pngmajora's mask103 viewsHi there, sorry for the deadness! I just got tired of drawing Zelda stuff, and i made a different account somewhere else...
I can't edit this anymore, considering my tablet JUST decided to go whacko
8 comments~zeldadreams
yaaay-tablet-web.jpgPraise the Goddesses!360 viewsIn celebration of my birthday present. (Which was actually kind of a while ago....) Well no more mouse-spaz-attacks for me! And don't believe the lies, Photoshop Elements is good enough >.>

Then again, I'm a PS n00b. x___x
3 comments[cuccoattackforce]
_huggles_v2.jpg*huggles*880 viewsA trade with Chibi Rinku. I don't usually do trades/commissions/request but it was a special LJ Christmas thing some friends were doing and I was in the spirit. I *hope* that's her doggie X) Done 100% in photoshop with a tablet5 commentsMelora
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