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aloneintherain.PNGAlone in the Rain323 viewsThis is a pic of Green, he was running and then tripped into some mud ('cause it's raining) and he's sat up looking ahead of him. What's he seen you ask? Well...even I don't know..

I haven't digitalized this 'cause then it keeps it's black and white sad look. The mud marks are the slightly dark areas on Green. He's got tears at his eyes 'cause he's been crying. Why you ask? Well, I know but I'm not telling X3 Yeah, I copied a pose form the manga, but it's a hard pose for me to draw. I did draw the rain but I added the rain effect in PSP, I think it looks better this way. =3

Green (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
3 commentsKeitii
chibilink.PNGChibi Link283 viewsThis pose I doodled just came out too cute! So I had to digitalize it X3 Aaaw, look at his wee little boots!

Link (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
3 commentsKeitii
i_mnotdefeated.PNGI'm not defeated..379 viewsHere's Shadow Link kinda dieing ;_; I drew this in my friends', Vicky Warby, notebook that she gave me so I could draw in it random pics for her. X3 All there is in there is LoZ fan-art since that's what I'm obsessed with! :O I'm not gonna digitalize this 'cause I think I done the effect greater in pencil. I like the blood and tears effect, and the messy hair. =w=

The writing says "Don't worry, I'll be alright.." Aaaaw ;_;

Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
2 commentsKeitii
konatalink.PNGKonata Link80 views Yeah, I tried to make Link look like Konata from Lucky Star. I looked off of a BIIIIIG picture of Konata for this. Link's supposed to be resting on sand.
I can't think of anything else cause I'm so tired. I hope it doesn't look crapy...

G'night :)
4 commentsKifan12
portmanportrait.jpgPrincess Portman242 viewsThis is the Natalie Portman Portrait I did and I just did a few minor photoshop adjustments. Newly cropped and returned to it's original aspect ratio.3 commentsHero_of_Light
santalink.jpgSanta Link389 viewshaha, well I was going to do this before, but I thought the red and green would look nice together. People seem to like the idea of Link as Santa, so here is another version for y'all!!! Merrryyyyyy XXXmmmmaasss!!! 2 commentsGirlink
Saria2.jpgSaria's Wrath753 viewsIn the old gallery many of us had fan fictions that we illustrated for. This particular scene is pulled from my own fic, in one of the pivotal moments.

Saria (yes, I took a lot of liberty with the shape of the kokiri) has just avoided rape by one of the Corrupt Gaurds, and is retaliating. That's the Great Deku tree talking up top.
2 commentsKoroks Rock
Tali_da.jpgTali73 viewsit's some sort of decendant from a Rito, probably way into the future. Rath
WW sunset~1.jpg
WW sunset~1.jpgWind Waker Sunset191 viewsWow, it's been awhile since I've done anything on this site. With school, I have so little time. (did you notice i'm now capitalizing? it's a habit now)
Actually, I've had this picture for at least a month. But I wasn't quite sure what to do with the water. I eventually made at least 10 different versions (each one had 700,000 polygons), waited a week or two, and then just picked the first one i had done.
This was actually (partially) inspired by lord-of-shadow's article about the clouds. Yes, that one several months ago. I tried to do a stunning sky in a Wind Waker environment. I think I succeeded.
5 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
ZeldaPoster copy.jpg
ZeldaPoster copy.jpgThis is in my series of Zelda movie posters1003 viewsThis is a Zelda-centric poster for the series which stars my favorite actress, the beloved Natalie Portman.23 commentsHero_of_Light
Zeldaposter2.jpgNew Zelda Poster829 viewsThis is a new Zelda movie poster using the Natalie Portman element from my previous Zelda-centric poster. I didn't bother with more text because I'm lazy. No reason to sugarcoat.30 commentsHero_of_Light
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