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064Multitasking.jpgMultitasking324 viewsSome Majora's Mask fanart, also part of a '100 Theme' art challenge I'm taking part in. I've still got a long way to go, but I like how this one turned out.

Fun Fact: The Clock Tower in this picture is about 5 years old - I recycled it from an older picture.
1 commentsSnowsilver
faeriez.pngNavi, Tael, and Tatl122 viewsLink is giving the fairies a pep talk and these are their reactions. :)lemonfairy
Fairies!^-^.pngAll of the Fairies143 views The title pretty much explains it all... Done 100% in MS Paint
Navi, Tatl, Tael, Ciela, Leaf, Neri, and Fairy (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fairies.jpgFairies beneath the glow116 viewsThis is what I think the main Zelda fairies look like underneath that light. Navi's got a baton and looks like a marching band leader, she's even got a blue cummerbund! Nothing real special about Tatl. Tael looks like a samurai, or a soul reaper (from the manga Bleach) wearing purple.
Navi, Tatl, and Tael (c) nintendo
Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests.
9 commentshauu13
link-y-tatl.jpgLink and Tatl369 viewsLink little again. So this time, is the same size than Tatl7 commentsLinkgirl
linkdraw.jpg1994 viewsLink drawing his sword, with Tatl overhead.
linkmajora.jpg1432 viewsLink drawing his sword, with Tatl and Majora's Mask overhead.
Linktimes3.jpgThree little Links296 viewsThree times Link,
Three times Navi,
and oh, yeh, I'm there too.
This is little objection to Navi's sometimes insane ideas. If I want to target the darn Stalfos, could you, Navi, please fly to it for me...? (Tatl is just as bad. I guess it's mostly because of the game camera or something.)
1 commentsan-chan
Link__s_sidekicks_are_annoying.png[Tegaki] Deku Link86 viewsTegaki E again. Not much to say about this one. :)1 commentsWaann
Li_l Link.jpg
Li_l Link.jpgAngry Tatl582 viewsTatl's always a jerk to link in Majora's Mask so here's a picture if it!21 commentseponagirl
Talt.jpgTatl2689 views20 commentsMagalink
tatl.jpg826 viewsTatl, a fairy and former companion of Skull Kid, who helps Link.
Tatl.jpgTatl450 viewsYep, it's Tatl, our favorite fairy! lol14 commentsSusie Q
tatltael.jpgTatl and Tael396 viewsJust as I made Navi, I made these two, of course. I like the bells I put on them. What other explanation would you find to their bell sounds in Majora's Mask?2 commentsMalu CLBS
Tatl_Tael.pngTatl & Tael270 views This is what I think both of them look like. I decided to post this here so you guys can (hopefully) enjoy this while I finish up the requests I have to do for people. =D
Tatl and Tael (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
taya.gifTatl244 views5 commentsLinkgirl
ww.pngmajora's mask103 viewsHi there, sorry for the deadness! I just got tired of drawing Zelda stuff, and i made a different account somewhere else...
I can't edit this anymore, considering my tablet JUST decided to go whacko
8 comments~zeldadreams
zora.jpgPoor Tatl...1030 viewsI once drew this after having been pestered by Tatl one too many times. It's a fairly old pic, and rather in need of some touching up.22 commentsKoroks Rock
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