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blindthief.gif436 viewsBlind the Thief.
fairy_hunting.JPGFairy Hunting.....223 viewsOkay, not the most ORIGINAL picture :-P, but I thought that it was a cool idea. I'm still not to sure who this Gerudo thief, but I think that this allows the mind to speculate what she could be. I thought it was a nice idea cause from my POV, looks like she's chopping down tree leaves and staring up at the colorful little faries flying about (of course, she is more focused cuz the viewer is focusing on her :-P). But that's just me *sigh* Otherwise, it's just a picture of space/stars that I used and erased part of with PhotoImpression :-D *sheepish grin* Hope you guys like it. 2 commentsFanatic!
g.JPGGerudo Thief176 viewsI drew this from the Ocarina of Time Manga. Miss Fearsome Pirate
Ganondorf.jpgThe Prince of Thieves464 viewsMy version of Ganondorf. This is what I feel ganondorf looked like in the child portion of OOT. I felt that his orginal design, while being awesome, did not suit someone that lived and trived in the desert. So I changed all that. He now wears more cloth then armor. I gave him a scarf to wrap around his face during wind storms in the desert, and for raids or something. His body has many scars over it from his battles. Im not sure why he is wearing sandles, but they give him a better desert appreance (or at least I think so). I also gave him middle eastern themed weapons, that he could hack and thrust with. I also gave him a waterskin, because no matter how strong you are, the desert will consume you if you dont have water. Overall I think this design came out well. You should expect the a new link really soon!8 commentsBraxis
gerudo thief.jpg
gerudo thief.jpgGerudo Thief321 viewsHavent uploaded in awhile, so I did this quick drawing just for kicks. Its a simple gerudo thief, nothing really specail, nothing really different from the game, just a little different design in the clothing. 2 commentsBraxis
gerudo thief.jpg
gerudo thief.jpgGerudo Thief242 viewsThis was one of my earliest drawings from the Legend of Zelda. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite places to go in the OoT was the Gerudo Fortress. I loved the Gerudos because they were tough and knew how to survive. Plus I liked the music...4 commentsslvrwlf05
Haruko.jpgHaruko35 viewsI like how he looks now, he's been changed as well, he's not a "hero" but a thief who was banished from his country Nessa, he stole from his best friend who was the Prince although he didn't know because someone had hired him to steal something from inside the Castle which he didn't know was his friends. In the end he was banished and end up coming to Armon where he met Akako. The villagers thought he was a hero who stopped Dorjan long ago when he was young, and won.

Haruko by: Amy122

I'm going to use a character of mine pose to redraw Haruko. And you now know my weakness in hand drawing, weapons XDD I can do them on MS Paint but, not hand drawing XDD
8 commentsAmy122
Kayli.jpgThe Gerudo Thief130 viewsAh yes. One of my original characters has been... drawn and changed. This is Kayli, my female Gerudo. Originally, she's Nabooru's reincarnation, but for my fanfic, she's her sister. xD; This took me forever to finish with getting it right. I still think I messed up on some parts but that's just me. But annnnnnyways... What do you all think?Sage of Ice
Legend_of_Zelda_Daylight_Thief_by_Dayu.jpgDaylight Thief160 viewsLink as Thief =)
Scarf design and monster design by me.
2 commentsDayu
Legend_of_Zelda_Daylight_Thief_by_Dayu~0.jpgDaylight Thief231 viewsLink as thief.

Monster and scarf design by me.
1 commentsDayu
nabooru.jpg4220 viewsNabooru, a Gerudo thief who becomes Link's friend.6 comments
Thief1.gif185 views
Thief1.gif172 viewsIron Knuckle
Thief2.gif177 views
Thief2.gif154 viewsIron Knuckle
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