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GORON stage-5.JPG
GORON stage-5.JPGGoron301 viewsThis is my interpretation of a Goron. I didnt like how cartoony they were designed in OOt and thought it would be cool to look at them at a different angle. The most notable difference is the feel, which have become more troll and durtle like, because a creature carrying a huge load over rocky terrain isnt going to have soft toes under him. I also changed the hands, giving them three large fingers with hingernails that are part of the actual bone of the had. I did this because it would make grabbing rock and moving rock a lot easier and quicker. Also, a species that is reknown for its steelwork most likely wouldnt be walking around naked, so he has some basic tribal robes as well. Over all hes big, buff, kinda scaley, and makes you understand why link wasnt to keen on recieving a Goron hug.4 commentsBraxis
purple_link_sign_honk_butter.JPGHonk if you love butter!227 viewsPurple Link likes butter.
3 commentsvaati_girl
screenshots_048.jpg...Whoopsie. >_<207 views"...What just happened?"
"I hate you so much right now."
"I can't feel my toes..."

Okay,so this screenshot... it looks like Zelda tried to imprison Ganondork in a block of ice, but accedentally got stuck in it as well. x3

That's Zelda- 1 Ganondorf- one half of a point.

Yay,a 'shot without a big black abyss on the edge! WHOOT!
vio2.JPGVio (aka Purple Link)276 viewsHe might not look a lot like Vio, but he is, whether you like it or not. Vio's in the second part of my fic, and he's twice as popular as Angua (a very popular girl). He gets glomped a lot, especially on Wednesdays. The reason he isn't wearing a lot of purple is because it'll be a little harder to recognize him when he's wearing a black Anarchy T-shirt and jeans. He may be very popular, but he's really nice, and he's single (you wouldn't think so).

Oh, and there's another Purple Link in my fic, but he's very stupid (but very nice) and hates being called Vio. Vio is really Green Link's twin brother (in my fic), but he's got a different colour eyes (GL's are dark blue). Blue Link has the same colour eyes as Vio, and Red and Purple Link have the same colour eyes as GL. (in my FIC!!!)
6 commentsvaati_girl
VL_LV.jpgSwitcheroo!315 viewsThis is what I imagine Link and Vaati looking like if they switched places. I got Link-Vaati's pose from the official art from TMC.

BTW, Link's probably thinking, "My toes are cold!"
and Vaati's probably thinking, "These tights are driving me mad!!!"
5 commentsvaati_girl
WW-Zelda-PSedit.jpgZelda-Hime269 viewsI did this a long time ago, hence the cruddy colored pencils and apparent lack of skill. And then a chair rolled over it. >_<
Therefore, I Photoshopped it! ...and I'm not sure if that saved it or ruined it. ^_^;;;

That's WindWaker Zelda, with a lot smaller eyes and better(?) proportions. The characters read "zeruda hime", though I'm sure you coulda guessed that.

2 comments[cuccoattackforce]
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