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4swords.JPG4Swords Links149 views Just a screenshot I captured from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. (I appologize for the poor quality, I took it with my old crappy camera. T-T ) Anyways, its of Toon Link (Green), and his alternative costumes (Red, Blue, and Vio). I thought it looked like Green was giving out orders to the other 3, and they were all listneing. Plus it's in the order of the formation that id used during gameplay. Enjoy!
SSBB (c) Nintendo
Screenshot caught by Princess of Twilight
P.S. I will take requests and try to get them done ASAP.
P.P.S. zeldamovie?no!!! you're Midna will be up tommorow (Sorry for the wait! -_- U)
P.P.P.S My fic the 5 Links has been updated for those of you, who are interested. ^-^
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
cartoontro.jpgCartoon MS113 viewsWow, is it from a comic book? XDMystery_Girl
croq.pngScribbles54 viewsJust a few doodles. There are only random OCs on the right part of the paper. ^^'1 commentsWaann
Dragon_Roost_Island.jpgSailing for Dragon Roost Island292 viewsValoo, what a great character, if only he was thinner and had larger wings! What a fine dragon would he be! Anyway, critics welcome to my intent of cartoon-cell shadish drawing style.1 commentsLudovic
epona~0.swflink and epona jump543 viewsits kinda cartoonish, sorry.. do you like the little pole in the middle? haha13 commentseponagirl
f97b0ada.jpgCartoon Knuckle102 viewsWow, it does look cartoony. Lol I was just screwin' around w/ some pics earlier then I thought I should do some other pics.Mystery_Girl
fflink.jpgFF-style Link238 viewsDraw FF-ish characters in 3 easy steps!

1. Take a character of your choice (eg, Link). Design him an outlandish costume, and festoon it with as many outlandish accessories as you can think of. If they serve no practical purpouse, so much the better.

2. Give him (or her) a funky hairdo.

3. Add outsized weapon of your choosing.

Voilá! XD

I really like the some of the FF costumes, like Squall or Vincent's- and Link looks good without a shirt, no? ^_~

Is anyone elso waiting for Advent Children to come out? I know I am.^^
7 commentsaquawolf
GANONDONE.pngGanon - from the LOZ cartoon144 viewsI made this for a contest - I'm not entirely sure I followed the rules - since it was supposed to show Link being defeated by some monster or other...

GORON stage-5.JPG
GORON stage-5.JPGGoron301 viewsThis is my interpretation of a Goron. I didnt like how cartoony they were designed in OOt and thought it would be cool to look at them at a different angle. The most notable difference is the feel, which have become more troll and durtle like, because a creature carrying a huge load over rocky terrain isnt going to have soft toes under him. I also changed the hands, giving them three large fingers with hingernails that are part of the actual bone of the had. I did this because it would make grabbing rock and moving rock a lot easier and quicker. Also, a species that is reknown for its steelwork most likely wouldnt be walking around naked, so he has some basic tribal robes as well. Over all hes big, buff, kinda scaley, and makes you understand why link wasnt to keen on recieving a Goron hug.4 commentsBraxis
happy.PNGHappy252 viewsA doodle that came out good that I drew on the back of my folder =D His big cute eyes and the black outline make it cartoony X3

Green (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
1 commentsKeitii
toon-link.JPGToon Link?99 viewsThis is supposed to be Toon Link but he looks a little weird to me (maybe the colors are wrong). Maybe someday he'll look right. Well, I hope it doesn't look too bad..

Hi :)
8 commentsKifan12
ToonLink.jpgToon Link17 viewsThis is a picture of Toon Link. I was looking at a picture of official artwork online and decided to draw it. :)myzeldamyrules
TWW_Link_manga_style.jpgTWW Link, my Style44 viewsWind Waker Link, drawn in my personal artstyle2 commentsNenilein
Vaati draft.jpg
Vaati draft.jpgVaati497 viewsI imagined what would Vaati look like if being a character from a non-cartoon Zelda game, the comparison is aside. Which one is your favourite?13 commentsLudovic
Wind_Waker_Link_Twilight_Princess_Style.pngWind Waker Link in Twilight Princess Artstyle52 viewsOne day, I wondered what Toon Link would look like in the Art Style of Twilight Princess and figured that he would look a lot like Colin. Because of this, I also used a picture of Colin as a reference for this picture.3 commentsNenilein
zelda_FF.JPGA Day in Hyrule240 viewsa little cartoon i made one day when i was bored in marine bio. please tell me what you think! ^__^ if you cant read any of it, just let me know and i'll help you out.1 commentsladykatey
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