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anju2.gif1063 viewsTransparent gif version of the above image.1 comments
clocktower.pngClock Tower389 viewsA pixel version of the Clock Tower in Majora's Mask. Done in MS Paint, and used this image as a reference. You can see it in transparent .gif mode here5 commentsMars
goronlink2.gif570 viewsTransparent gif of Goron Link.
griffn.jpgZelda and Roam581 viewsIllustration for a later chapter in 'The Destiny Stone.'

NO more hints!
11 commentsSnowsilver
kafei2.gif833 viewsTransparent gif version of the above image.
labyrinths3.gif622 viewsA better version of the above image (transparent background).
linkback2.gif562 viewsAbove, with transparent background.
linkback3.gif756 viewsAbove, with transparent background and no shadow.1 comments
linkcrouched.gif1456 viewsAbove, with transparent background.
linkmask4.gif709 viewsTransparent gif version of above image.
linkslash2.gif854 viewsTransparent gif of above image.
linksword2.gif1562 viewsLarger transparent gif version of above image.
maskcollector.gif989 viewsThe Happy Mask salesman (transparent gif).1 comments
Ya_know_ya_re_pushin_yer_luck_by_dan_heron.jpgYa know ya’re pushin’ yer luck669 viewsCuchi cuchi cu?
Uh… no…
Ah, Dizi and Numi, who doesn’t love these gals? ^^
Dizi is a Fox and Numi is a Keaton. These Gerudos are just opposite poles in almost everything. Just look at the piccu and you can get an idea of their personalities.
Dizi, as you can guess, doesn’t do funny, so Numi takes care of being the mischievous one. Sometimes, she puts so much of her in being mischievous that Dizi wants to dig an hole and wait for the chaos to end ^-^;;; But, despite her girlfriend’s bubbly personality, Dizi loves her with all her soul.
Btw, Dizi usually wears a more “harem” type of outfit (short vest, transparent harem pants), but when she’s out of the desert she likes leather X3
1 commentsdan heron
z2logo.gif419 viewsThe logo, from the manual (transparent background).
z2map4.gif1022 viewsMap of Hyrule (from the U.S. manual, transparent background).
zelda_gown.jpgZelda at Night466 viewsOkay, lots of people have been debating about the white line thing. That was fully intentional. However, I drew this a while back, when I didn't know how to make white space transparent. But, now I know. ^^ I do it like this:

1. scan in a drawing.
2. in photoshop, select all and copy.
3. create a new layer, and fill it in black.
4. switch to quick mask mode, and paste into the black layer.
5. switch back to normal mode, and press delete.

All finished!

If I had wanted a cleaner line I could have stroked the outline of the drawing. Ah well. Practice makes perfect, right?

I don't particularly like Zelda, but I do like drawing her. Hopefully she'll be cooler in TP and actually do some of her own fighting... and I hope there's some kind of Malon-esque character in it too!
9 commentscerasly
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