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120 - Trap.png
120 - Trap.png130 viewsdavogones
colored 2.jpg
colored 2.jpgBright Wings566 viewsThis is Link in the future, (sort of) but I added wings on him, I love wings! You can see he has a gun strap and a deep scar on his face from all the harsh battles he had encountered.12 commentsAllysa
comic_trapslol.jpgComic- Traps294 viewsUm, yeah. I was bored. But I'm satisfied with it. ^_~
I really like the way chibi link came out!
But seriously, some dungeon traps are so obvious...
1 commentsaquawolf
Link.jpgLink412 viewsWell, here it is, my design of Link. Im not sure which game this link could fit into, so lets just say he is my own link, from my own game, that I designed, and ill never release. So there. With that said, here are some things id like to share about the design:

Well, first of all, There is the overall look. Hes adult, mature, and definitely made to kick some moblin butt. Some major things added would be the steel armor on the shins, gauntlets, and chest plate and shoulder gaurds. The chainmail makes up for the lack of true armor, and keeps him flexible. Also you can see little pouches here and there at his belt, and even some slash and stratches on his tunic, one of which has been quickly repaired.

Here are some things I would like to point out in detail. First of all, his sword, which is a original design. I don’t have much reason as to why I drew it the way I did, it just kind of came out of my pencil. The same goes with the sheath. As you can see, I made sure they would fit into each other nicely.

Next would be his pack and bomb bag. I always thought since link is a great traveler, and has so much stuff, he would need a pack. So I gave him one. In it he would keep the things that he doesn’t need at the ready all the time, such as potions, jars, cloths, and various other items. The bomb bag is much different then the one seen in the games, and has its inspiration from a mail pouch. Easily accessible, but always at the ready. See my goron weapons design for more on the bombs.

The bow and arrow. Nothing so special here, just put a lot of detail into this stuff to make it unique.

And finally the hookshot. I spent a long time designing this. First of all, its strapped to links gaunlent, which was just a idea that I liked. Now here is how it works. Link points the hookshot at the intended target then presses the inner button on the handle. It releases the spring, which shoots the hook. As the hook hits the target and goes into it, the sensitive tip triggers the hooks that come out from the side of the main blade. They keep the hookshot in place. Then link pulls on the other lever on the handle, which triggers a spring on the opposite side, pulling him closer to the extended blade. When he reaches his destination, he simply slides the button on the side of the blade stem that disables the extra hooks, retrieves the blade, and there ya go.

Well that’s it. I love comments, so tell me what you think and what changes or additions can be made. Thanks…
10 commentsBraxis
LinkIsTrapped.jpg227 viewsFrom
linktrapped.jpg948 viewsLink attacked by two Traps.2 comments
link_spikes_ouch.jpgOuch- Link got impaled263 viewsI drew this pic cause I think it's kinda funny that the main characters in games get beaten up, but it never seems to have any effect. Dant'es there 'cause he gets run through about a million times each DMC game, so he knows what it's like for Link. =P
And I hate it when there's traps and stuff in games, and you fall into them- it's so annoying. >.<
3 commentsaquawolf
Moblin.JPGMoblin Lancer206 viewsThis is a pretty basic Moblin design. Ugly, fat, sort of a pig/human/bulldog thingy. His armor is very simple, since moblins aren't the brightest creatures, and aren't ranked among the great smiths. The armor is made of leather strapped together. His helmet has good neck coverage, and doesn't greatly inhibit vision. I gave him a lance, because moblins seem to faver them in most games. (Plus, that's what I describe them using in my Link's Awakening fanfic.) 1 commentsjiminycricketX
scan0003(dl).jpgDeku Link96 viewsVery melancholy dipiction of Deku Link. I really tried to emulate the despare and emotion that Link felt in while trapped in that form. I rally think that the dark background, coupled with Deku Link done in grayscale, with just his eyes colored, enhance the emotion of the picture.1 commentsgofer
split_wallpaper2.jpgSplit Nature (redone)567 viewsthis is a redo of the previous wallpaper i did. as i explained on that one (though few seemed to listen), i deliberately have everything to one side. DELIBERATELY. For this one I've had to extrapolate the bg and also the wolf's neck quite a bit, which leads to the repeated patterns you see. sorry about that, but it's kinda unavoidable. i did remove the Hylian Crest and the text, to unclutter it, but i think that by changing the spliting line i recluttered it. oh well.

note that while this is not a perfect use of Rule of Thirds, \it's close enough for this purpose. think of it as Rule of Three Fifths.
7 commentsKoroks Rock
Trap.gif339 views
Trap.gif190 views
trap.gif154 viewsdavogones
Trap.gif65 viewsIron Knuckle
Trap.jpg438 viewsTrap.
Trap.png330 viewsIron Knuckle
TrapBlue.gif188 viewsIron Knuckle
TrapGreen.gif169 viewsIron Knuckle
trapped!!!.jpgplayin tp161 viewsthere is no escape, link and midna are trapped! plz commentlinkwolf48
trapped.gif875 viewsA labyrinth door slamming shut behind Link.
trapped2.jpg1603 viewsBetter version of above image.
Trap_Big_Orange.gif118 views
Trap_Big_Red.gif159 views
Trap_Blue.gif137 views
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