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eye_of_truth.jpgThe Eye of Truth89 viewsIf anyone out there reads my fic, I know the description of what happens when they use the lens of truth is a bit vague, so this is something i drew to show what happens, the red and blue in the center is the person's eye to help clarify things1 commentsblackphoenix365
lensoftruth.gif534 viewsThe Lens of Truth.
lensoftruth.jpg678 viewsLens of Truth.
lenstruth.jpg430 viewsThe Lens of Truth.
Link1.jpgB&W Link106 viewsThis is a new drawing style of Link I'm working on. I want you guys to tell me the truth about what do you think of this drawing, please. I have also another drawing of Aath (a created character of a game I'm doing named Zelda: Legends) and it has an old style. Well, I'll be posting more drawings later.3 commentsHyrule_SwordsMan
maskoftruth.gif742 viewsThe Mask of Truth.
maskoftruth.jpg618 viewsMask of Truth.
MaskofTruth2.png433 viewsIron Knuckle
MaskofTruth2~0.png339 viewsIron Knuckle
neus3.jpgNeus- Forest Fairy89 viewsThis is another one of my original characters for my Seeing Truth Trilogy. She shows up in the third piece, and her name is- well, Neus. It's pronounced "Neh-oos"...i think ^-^ . Anyway, she's a Kokiri fairy, but normal sized. Her point in the story is fairly easy, round up, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for the readers if they check this out. Her friend, a Zora, is Ariella. They live on the island, Hyrule, off in the Pacific Ocean. She has an annoying cousin pixie named Satu, who, really is- ultimately- worse than Navi. Presumably, anyway, since she can't think of anything else but food and annoying humans.
Neus has white-silver hair with flecks of blue. She has wings, too, but they apparently aren't in the sketch. She's supposed to be leaning forward a little- but the scanner cut nearly half the pic off. Sorry, folks.
sn2_001.jpgJade and Kado175 viewsThis is a sketch of my two original pics, Kado and Jade from my fanfiction in the Seeing Truth trilogy I'm writing. Kado's one of those arrogant guys that ends up falling for Jade all over again after remembering his "second" personality in a "dream" she had in a 20 month coma she was in. Anyway, my profile at fanfiction is if there's any interest to check.jade2824
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