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Epona sketch.jpg
Epona sketch.jpgEpona Sketch185 viewsnot one of my best works ><

I don't like to brag but I'm a lot better at horses ^^U this pic's just UGLY and it SUCKZ!! ><

but it's just a sketch ^^U
9 commentsDust_Bunny
epona.jpgEpona Sketch 2141 viewsstill ugly ><4 commentsDust_Bunny
GanonvsLink0003.jpgGanon VS Link, the final Smackdown244 viewsWell, I am playing TOOT right now, and I got to Big Ugly last night, (he killed me), but I will kill him tonight....That rainbow tail is cool, I would like to do this in color with a background....tooo tired.....Freehand pencil sketch...9 commentsGirlink
Link_y_din.jpgLink and Din275 viewsWell excuse me really this coloring is random, and this just was a doodle I sacanned it because I liked it , I just love Din's hair but really excuse me about the lines , they are all ugly .Anyway I hope u like it , I have so much time i didn't submited a Zelda Fanart 3 commentsAnDrEa
Moblin.JPGMoblin Lancer206 viewsThis is a pretty basic Moblin design. Ugly, fat, sort of a pig/human/bulldog thingy. His armor is very simple, since moblins aren't the brightest creatures, and aren't ranked among the great smiths. The armor is made of leather strapped together. His helmet has good neck coverage, and doesn't greatly inhibit vision. I gave him a lance, because moblins seem to faver them in most games. (Plus, that's what I describe them using in my Link's Awakening fanfic.) 1 commentsjiminycricketX
sad_sexy_and_seductive.jpgSad, Sexy, and Seductive172 viewsLink looking his best :D :D :D1 commentsHyrule Chicken
stuckintheshade.PNGStuck in the Shade342 viewsThis is like a scene from my fan-fic. in Shadows' dream he gets stuck in the shade as it closes in on him. I think I made it look like there's light. But I'm not proud of the tree. Ugly tree! x~X Oh well. Shadows' the main focus.

Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
1 commentsKeitii
Torombo_Shores.jpgRecovering Link's sword from the shipwreck in Torombo Shores226 viewsOh, those ugly urchin enemies!! And the house of the dog food-eating crocodile that sells bananas!1 commentsLudovic
trumpet.PNGZant playing a trumpet62 viewsTitle says it all. Didn't feel like putting the note placement (E, F, etc.) just the articulation and rhythm.
Zant (c) nintendo
rhythm from "Hymn to the Red October" by Basil Poledouris (c) 1990 by Ensign Music Corporation
art (c) hauu13
11 commentshauu13
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