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Allos_head_template.jpgAllos' head122 viewsThis is the head of Allos from "Dimension Hopping". Allos comes from a dimension where animals are the equivalent of people. That helmet of his can shoot optic force blasts from the visor covering his eyes.

Allos' body template is on that of a dinosaur known as Allosaurus: who was T-rex before T-rex was T-rex.

If anyone wants to draw the rest of his body, read my fic and tell me. Capiche?
1 commentsNiko the ninja
Allos__sign.jpgAllos' sign104 viewsThis is the marking on Allos' (The villain on my fic "Dimension Hopping") helmet. I got it from a combination between a velociraptor claw and an allosaurus skull.Niko the ninja
Blue_Firedrake.jpgBlue Firedrake80 viewsThis is another of Ryu's generals.

He has a shorter snout than most of the others and has proven to be a bit more intelligent, which earned him a position as Ryu's offensive strategist.

I really enjoyed working on his colors and I'm very proud of what I've done.
Niko the ninja
Cold_Blade.JPGThe Cold Blade125 viewsHey, ZL-dians! Ah, I got bored this morning and had nothing to do, so I browsed the fanart as I always do and saw interesting weapons by Amy. Your weapons are awesome! :D Anyways I came up with this weapon, this computer only had Paint and it does come out good though.

The Cold Blade is completely made from ice that never melts, it can cut through almost anything, it has a mysterious malevolent power that absorbs heat for its energy for the blade to never break and freezes the victim as a result. With every victim fallen to this sword, the blade gradually grows larger. This weapon belongs to a villain in my fanfic.

The Cold Blade Divine_Link
14 commentsDivine_Link
Green_Salamander.jpgGreen Salamander120 viewsAnother of Ryu's generals: he's the only one without horns.

And YES. He's about as insane as he looks. He has the personality of a serial killer and the ability to turn reptilian soldiers into Dragonoids as well.
Niko the ninja
Prince Darrel.jpg
Prince Darrel.jpgPrince Darrel238 viewsThe King of Hyrule's younger brother. He's one of the lead villains in "The Triforce Guardian" Colored in with Photoshop.4 commentsArt1st4786
Princess Ventra.JPG
Princess Ventra.JPGPrincess Ventra314 viewsOne of the leading villains in my fanfiction "Unexpected Allies". Colored in with colored pencils.3 commentsArt1st4786
Red_Wyvern.jpgRed Wyvern101 viewsThis is Ryu's right-hand man, err... I mean Dragon.

Wyvern is Ryu's leading general and probably the most dangerous (Right next to his master).

The unique thing about him is a collar of spikes around his neck like a lion's mane.

That thing he's holding? That's the Master Emerald. How'd he get it? You'll have to read and find out yourself. (I don't want to spoil the surprise :) )
Niko the ninja
Ryu.jpgRyu116 viewsThis is the villain from my fanfic, "Dimension Merging". Ryu is after ten key items from different worlds. Right now, he's gesturing for Ganon to give him the Triforce of Power. If you want the rest, read my fic.

Actual size is twenty feet tall and eighty-foot wingspan.
Niko the ninja
Ryu_s_third_form.jpgRyu's final form134 viewsBelieve it or not, this IS the best villain from the Dimensional Trilogy. Like I said, "He looks like Godzilla but with wings and a blade-covered tail." Actual size is sixty feet high.

Link, Sonic, Mario, and Fox had to go super just to fight him, but did they prevail? You'll have to see for yourself.
Niko the ninja
shapesevil.jpgShapes of Evil752 viewsA lot of LoZ villains. Can you tell who they are? All of them? I made this before Four Swords came out, so Vaati was not included. I submitted this for a Zelda fanart contest where I live, and I won a Master Quest disc! ^_^ So happy!7 commentsMalu CLBS
Shine_Dragoness_signed.JPGThe Legend of Zelda: Shine Dragoness145 viewsHey everyone! I have created this concept to be a cover of my fanfic, this inspired me from the many covers of movie titles likes like Lord of the Rings, Stardust and such. As you can see, I finally created my villain wearing the Helmet of Dark Tears and Melartis' mother Queen Naruteen. Heh, also my first attempt creating a castle from scratch and the Twin Hall Mountain on the bottom right looks funny to me. Oh, well. What do you guys think? Comments appreciated.

Link and Collin Shigeru Miyamoto
Shine Dragoness, Melartis, Queen Naruteen, Princess Ocah, Helmet of Dark Tears, Anthera Castle, Twin Mountain Hall Divine_Link

7 commentsDivine_Link
White_Amphis.jpgWhite Amphis131 viewsThis is another of Ryu's generals. Unlike his fellow ones, Link and Sonic deal with this one (With a little help from Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Rawk Hawk).

I'm really proud of my design for him having two heads. If one doesn't kill you, the other one will.
Niko the ninja
Yellow_Drache.jpgYellow Drache157 viewsThis is one of Ryu's generals.

I got the word "Drache" from a program on Animal Planet called, "Dragons' World: a fantasy made real". The scientific word for dragon was "Drache".

He's the only Dragonoid with wings mounted on his arms rather than on a separate pair. He's also the only one without boots.

Drache is very independant and wants to prove that he can win without his teammates, so he tends to screw up a lot.
Niko the ninja
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