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05-al-volvagia.jpgLink vs Volvagia4395 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US) There's an even larger one further in that was posted by Lord of Shadow further in the gallery.6 commentsMelora
Amped_up_pt._2.JPGAmped up pt. 2 (remodeled)110 viewsThis is a better version of my previous file.

I based Volvagia's head off Spinosaurus, a predatory dinosaur around the same size as T-rex.

Now you can see Bongo's snake tail's nose and the end of its forked tongue.
Niko the ninja
color_link_and_volvagia.JPGChildhood friend396 viewsAn original picture that I drew on MS Paint (you can tell) based off of OoT Manga. Guess who the 'childhood' friend is :D
*Note: I didn't copy this picture!
7 commentsFanatic!
Comic.jpgThe Secret Code!!449 viewsReads right-to-left, first page then second. Zelda would be so cool with guns.2 comments[cuccoattackforce]
darunia3.jpg1817 viewsDarunia in front of a flame that resembles Volvagia.5 comments
link.jpgYou and Me182 viewsTwo old friends: Volvagia and Link3 commentsBlackfang
linkdragon.jpg2027 viewsLink fighting Volvagia.2 comments
linkvolvagia.jpgLink Vs. Volvagia159 viewsIn the depths of Death Mountian Link battles Volvagia the Dragon!1 commentsTforceofcourage
Red_and_Volvagia_hug.pngRed hugging Volvagia275 views Since Red has the power of fire in my fic, and Volvagia was the boss of the Fire Temple, I combined the two to create this. This image was also done to help commemorate the sad tale of Volvagia...(see OoT Manga, Volume one).
Ah what a sad tale that was, I cried!!! So anyways yeah. I think Volvagia and Red are cute in this pic, so I hope you guys like it! ^-^
Red & Young Volvagia (c) Akira Himekawa
Volvagia (C) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Revival.JPGThe Old Stuff387 viewsThese are my very first attempts at fan art. I found them while going through some old sketchbooks. I put my favorites into this little pack and would like to show them. I think they are good considering they were made right after I beat OOT, and i beat it soon after it was realeased, so these are old. The first is called "Link vs Ganon" as can be seen, which depicts the epic final battle. The Second is "Revival" which was my view on how ganondorf revived volvagia with the trifore of power. And the third is simply "Redead". Enjoy...4 commentsBraxis
Turn_the_heat_on_by_dan_heron.jpgTurn the heat on532 viewsPseudo anthro. This time, we have Carid and her boy-boy Koshamu. Since they are couple, I wanted similar "monsters" , so they are Dragons from the Legend of Zelda universe.
Carid (the girl) is a Barba dragon. If you don't know them, just think of Volvagia, our lovely subterranean lava dragon. Koshamu is a Gleerok, a lava dragon
As you can see from the pic, Koshamu is TALL, freakishly tall, and very well built. Compared with him, Carid is a tiny and helpless creature… but you guys know that the girl can crush skulls with her bare hands if she wants to XD
3 commentsdan heron
valoovolvagia.jpgdragons253 views7 commentsdin
volvagia.gif2363 viewsVolvagia, the fire dragon.4 comments
Volvagia.jpg181 viewsFrom
Volvagia.jpgVolvagia Concept Sketch286 viewsHere I am just playing with the volvagia design, seeing what works and whatnot. I only drew the special areas, and the small sketch of volvagia compares his size to link. What I did is add in the spike on the elbow, Crested his brow with jewels, and made his skin more rough and molten-rock like. I also added that spike thing on his tail, just to make it unique and maybe another weapon he could use. The idea is that lava and fire lie just below his skin, so when he stretches, fire seeps out. Anything else I should add before I put him make a final stage design? 6 commentsBraxis
volvagia.pngSpirit of Fire131 viewsA Wind Waker-y Volvagia. He was lots of fun to design.2 commentsavroillusion
volvagia2.jpg2175 viewsVolvagia.4 comments
volvagia3.gif1901 viewsVolvagia.3 comments
volvagiabg.JPGVolvagia287 views3 commentsThat Guy
VolvagiaCloseUpE.jpg439 viewsIron Knuckle
VolvagiaGlares.jpg245 viewsFrom
volvagialikelikewaiting.jpgvolvagia and like like befor link comes454 viewsWonder what those dungeon bosses do while waiting for Link to come and kick their butts.
Here's a theory... they have tea with their minions... that or play canasta.
7 commentsAltaire
volvagiaposter.jpg3260 views3 commentslord-of-shadow
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