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Linky.png Link 119 viewsYup,my first pic with Link(OoT style).I think it's very awful.
Soon I will color it...
2 commentsLegendary_Zelda
nukidashdite.PNGZelda/Rika119 viewsThis is from a scene in the opening to the second season of Higurashi where Rika is chasing after something, unable to catch it (most likely the chance of everyone being able to live past June). I replaced Rika with Zelda since she is alot like her (they both have a creepy sense of inteligence despite their age for one).The words are the lines of the song that is playing when Rika is running.
Zelda (c) nintendo
Rika, Higurashi, lyrics (c) Ryokishi07
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I finally updated my fan fic! It'll probably be up tomorrow.
9 commentshauu13
Rosia_Flowerfield.jpgSubrosian adventurer119 viewsOuroboros
Sariaprofile.JPGSaria's Profile119 viewsI was practicing drawing profiles (This was the first one i have ever done ever!) and I had been doing a SariaxLink video (to Bleeding Love if anyone is interested... thought not)
I was also in a Saria mood, so everything just clicked. I did a Saria picture and Voila here's the result.

Basically the story of the picture and the video is the same so here's whats happened:
She's very upset... Link has just left her to go and get the stones and the master sword and the medallions ect. She loves him, he doesn't love her. She knows his fate and tries to help him. Despite all her effort to get her feelings across he kinda just doesn't realise what she's trying to say and breaks her heart... Mwah! I'm gonna cry now...

So basically this is a side view of Saria's head in my other picture Saria's Sorrow. ENJOY.

Drawn in Pencil
2 commentsFaerieEpona
statue.PNGLRA's Naruto Link Jr. crossover request- Like staring at a statue119 viewsI think I messed up on Gaara's outfit, but who cares? And I had no idea what Shiaka was supposed to wear so I gave him random clothes, and I didn't know if he had any tattoos so I gave him a random one (yes,it is the natural symbol if you play an instrument). And Naruto's hair looks bad, and so does the stinking headband. Oh, and Naruto is eating.
Naruto, Gaara (c) I forgot the name, again...
Shaika, Link Jr. (c) LRA
art and the leaf of DOOM (c) hauu13
I will do requests, nothing else to do...
8 commentshauu13
vaatihurt.PNGHurt and shunned119 viewsThis is my reason for Vaati havinf his hair over his right eye. A little backstory is in order I believe. So, Vaati lived alone with his father and his father was often drunk, and he would beat Vaati. Then one day, his father stabbed Vaati in the eye with a shard of glass (from a broken bottle). After this Vaati ran away, but no one would take him in because of who his family was. Then finally, starved, gaunt, and faint he arrived at Ezlo's home and was treated as if he was Ezlo's son.
Vaati (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
10 commentshauu13
12-15-2004 08;33;04PM.JPG
12-15-2004 08;33;04PM.JPGLink and The Goron Mask118 views1 commentsTheFullmetal
5000_color_thanks_copy.pngTetra - alot younger118 viewsmaybe 6 or 7 she's so cute tooachitka
akako2.jpgAmy122's Princess Akako118 views Here's Princess Akako! I really wanted to make a picture of her, and I'm sorry it's dark. I tried brightening it up, but then it looked really bad. Yeah, hope you don't hate it, and tell me if there's something seriously wrong with it (other than the fact that you can barely see it).4 commentsKifan12
dance.PNGZelda:Princess of Hyrule's request: Twilight Princess Zelda118 viewsAnd she's doing a move from the dance Nimbooda? Oh man, this is how you just know you've seen too much Bollywood stuff. Let's see, how many details did I get wrong this time? Other than the sash, I already know that that's messed up. Well anyways, hope you like it Zelda:Princess of Hyrule!
Zelda (c) nintendo
Nibooda (c) I have no clue...
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
dark.PNGDark Zelda118 viewsShe looks like the Grudge in the middle pic, I swear it wasn't on purpose. A little background info on my interpretations of the "Dark" characters; They'realbinos that dye their hair, and are able to become part of the darkness and reappear in another patch of darkness like what the pic in the middle shows. They have long, sharp fangs, some of which are venomous. And almost every "light" person has a "dark" counterpart that acts in the same manner toward other "darks" as the "light" people. (For example, Dak Zelda and Dark Vio would be attracted to one another, and Dark Blue and Dark Link/Green would hate each other.) That's it.
Dark Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
Dekumonks.jpgDeku Monks118 viewsComing somewhere from a hidden temple3 commentsOuroboros
eye_of_truth.jpgThe Eye of Truth118 viewsIf anyone out there reads my fic, I know the description of what happens when they use the lens of truth is a bit vague, so this is something i drew to show what happens, the red and blue in the center is the person's eye to help clarify things1 commentsblackphoenix365
ghjk.jpgSilver statue118 viewsWowie, pretty... Hahaha, it looks like a statue about to attack Link. XDMystery_Girl
lez.PNGLezaford118 viewsAt last, a decent looking coloured Lezaford, made especially for aquawolf's fanfic.1 commentsLalibo_X
Link_3.jpgLink... ...Come One...118 views1 commentssorwrith
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword-001.pngForest Sword118 viewsSlight edit on my original, just reloaded my drawing program and as it is I lost all my mats so I'm starting from scratch again. As soon as I get things settled all actually update the entire scene.
Credit for the sword idea goes to Niko the Ninja.
1 commentsParaclete
oni_link_vs__ganon_by_sonsofshadow303.jpgbattle of the gods118 viewsoni link vs ganondarklinkbeta200
sliponice.jpgLink on ice118 views About a month ago, I slipped on a patch of ice and bruised my tail bone, so that reminded me of Link in the ice temple. Enjoy, please.1 commentsKifan12
12-16-2004 08;03;31PM.JPG
12-16-2004 08;03;31PM.JPGZora Link117 viewsA pic of Zora Link, i think he's the coolest.TheFullmetal
5352.jpgSaria - Forest Sage117 viewsDrawn on oekaki which I've yet to master... I wanted her blurry so she would be like a memory, but it didn't work out, as you can see. 1 commentsFreda
cheese.PNGLRA's Request- Get out of the castle right now!117 viewsWoo, Harkinian looks like he's about to blow a vessel! L.J. and Oni Link/Fierce Diety/Draygin (shut up, that's the name I have given him) are in some deep trouble.They're about to get thrown out of the castle into the courtyard. Well then, Hope it's to your liking LRA.

On a random side-note: anyone seen the Star Trek movie? (Gawd I must be a supreme geek/nerd for asking that.)

Oni Link (c) nintendo
L.J., Harkinian (c) LRA
8 commentshauu13
dxn.jpgDark LinkXNeko117 viewsDark Link gets an insane lady for a love intrest! There wasn't any character that I could find that would fit as Dark's partner. Yes, I'm lying. I just like Dark Link sooo much. TEEHEE.
Dark Link (c) nintendo
Neko, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
IM_A0009.JPGCallie117 viewsYeah...this was a sort of cross between Sonic style and Malon. Take from it what you will.zeldaiskoollink
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