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LINK.JPGTwilight Princess Link89 viewsmario64mario
LoZ1--Dodongo.jpgLoZ1 Dodongo89 viewsThe dino rhino, Dodongo. Go and give him the ultimate case of indigestion!

I used both the game sprite AND the official art from the manual as references.
LoZ1--Water_of_Life.jpgLoZ1 Water of Life89 viewsThe life refilling Water of Life from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as reference--and made a little bit of artistic license here too.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ_Catgirl.jpgLoZ Obsessed Catgirl89 viewsLet's just say this catgirl likes Legend of Zelda...Way too much... >_< The picture originally was going to be Zelda as a catgirl, but it came out like this. Do you still want me to draw Zelda as a catgirl?myzeldamyrules
WolfLink1_001.jpgWolfLink89 viewsThis is my first picture of WolfLink that I have posted!!! It's not supposed to be completely dull and serious, so that's why it looks a little cute. :)myzeldamyrules
LoZ1--Moblins.jpgLoZ1 Moblins88 viewsThe bulldogs of doom, the Moblins, from Zelda 1.

Used the sprites as reference this time (as opposed to the manual art--he looked a bit robotic in the artwork), and drew two since there were two colors.
Midna_Imp.jpgMidna In Imp Form88 viewsYet again, the title explains it all. This is Midna in imp form. I decided to make her hair spikey on the end instead of chunky/block-ish, because I'm horrible at drawing it chunky/block-ish. :) But now that I look back at it, the hair looks kinda stupid. >_< Sorry.myzeldamyrules
Simplified_TPZelda.jpgPrincess Zelda88 viewsThis is a simplified version of Twilight Princess Zelda. There are not as many details, she is cuter...(more chibi, I guess), and her crown is different. myzeldamyrules
LoZ1--Zola.jpgLoZ1 Zola86 viewsThe darn Zola from Zelda 1. The manual art was used as a reference for this.DBoyWheeler
mi_dibujo.jpgVaati By:Rinku86 viewsfirmadme4 commentssheik001
LoZ1--Aquamentus.jpgLoZ1 Aquamentus84 viewsThe unicorn dragon. As long as one has the correct sword and some other weapons, this dragon isn't too hard.

I used both some game sprites and the official manual art as reference.
LoZ1--Digdogger.jpgLoZ1 Digdogger84 viewsThe giant urchin, Digdogger. Maybe it's in the middle of shrinking after hearing Link's whistle.

I used a mix of the main art in the manual, and the sprite, as reference here. And I had trouble getting the side wall to look right. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.
LoZ1--Stalfos.jpgLoZ1 Stalfos84 viewsYeah, it's hard to draw skeletons, and this was my first attempt at drawing skeletons.

Anyway, its a Stalfos from Zelda 1. I tried to use the manual art as reference, but again, this was my first attempt at skeletons, so I kinda messed it up bigtime.
LoZ1--Wall_Master.jpgLoZ1 Wall Master83 viewsThe annoying Wall Master from Zelda 1.

I used the manual artwork as a reference, but left out the warts/bumps/whatever, since I was a wee bit lazy.
LoZ1--Gibdo.jpgLoZ1 Gibdo82 viewsGibdo the Mummy from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art (instead of the sprite) as reference, since the sprite made him look a wee bit chubby. He looks like he's disco dancing, huh?
LoZ1--Moldorm.jpgLoZ1 Moldorm82 viewsThe giant earthworm from Zelda 1.

I tried to draw it as it appeared in the manual art of Zelda 1 (as opposed to how hit appeared in game), and had it climb a cave column.
LoZ1--Patra.jpgLoZ1 Patra82 viewsThe flying eyeballs of doom from Zelda 1.

My reference was the manual art. And this was long before I learned how to do digital art, so it's not much to look at.
LoZ1--Lanmola.jpgLoZ1 Lanmola81 viewsThe centipede of doom from Zelda 1--in two colors!

I used the manual art as a reference... and drew it twice, since there are two colors of Lanmola.
LoZ1--Like_Like.jpgLoZ1 Like Like81 viewsThe shield eating blob, Like Like, from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference... and since it likes to eat Magic Shields, I drew it enjoying a recent meal.
LoZ1--Pols_Voice.jpgLoZ1 Pols Voice81 viewsThe big eared ghost from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference. When I first drew this long ago, I wondered about the weakness... then found out we Westerners missed out on it since in Japan, the Famicom Disk System had a mike so you could shout at the Pols Voice and destroy them that way.
LoZ1--Blue_Ring_and_Red_Ring.jpgLoZ1 Rings80 viewsThe blue and red rings from Zelda 1.

I used the manual's artwork for reference.
LoZ1--Rubies.jpgLoZ1 Rubies80 viewsBefore we Westerners called them Rupees, we knew them as Rubies in Zelda 1.

I used the manual's art as a reference.
LoZ1--Shield.jpgLoZ1 Shield80 viewsThe shield of Zelda 1. The magical shield is just a larger shield.

Manual official artwork was the reference in drawing this.
LoZ1--Armos.jpgLoZ1 Armos79 viewsArmos from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference, and used a little bit of artistic license to make him look semi-human (as opposed to his cyclops-ish look in the sprite).
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